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2020-03-30 UPDATE!
Long hair / Clothing transparency glitch problem fixed!

2020-02-26 UPDATE!
Now in 2 Versions: BoM only + BoM & Alpha HUD version. BoM Version: Complexity 1 700 / BoM & Alpha HUD Version: Complexity 5 822

REDELIVER if you got an older version and want an update:
My Marketplace>My account>Order history>Product Search: Sweet’s Ruth 2.0 BoM Bento Mesh Body
Click: Redeliver item.

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Female Bento & BoM Mesh Body – for SL NEWCOMERS and others!
Based on the Ruth Project Mesh body.
NO HEAD included / Shown with System Head.

– The body uses ‘Bakes on Mesh’ and automatically hides your system body.
– It does NOT work w. appliers.
– It’s compatible with System (BoM) Skins, Tattoos & Clothes.
– Use alpha layers to hide parts of your body when wearing Mesh Clothes (as with a system body).
– Or use the Alpha HUD version (you can use Alpha layers with it too).
– With the Color HUD you can tint your nails in your favorite color.
– Compatible with most Mesh Heads & with SL System Head.
– Known issue: a glitch may appear between neck and head w SL Head & some Mesh Heads.
(use provided neckfix or a choker)
– Compatible with most Maitreya fit shoes and lots of Maitreya fitmesh clothing – and sometimes other sizes work too.

► NOTE! BoM requires a Bakes On Mesh ready viewer (like the latest SL or Firestorm).

❤ Now your hands and feet can look cute!
❤ Now you can animate your hands!
❤ Now you can wear cute shoes and outfits!

❤ Skin in AD is a free system skin from LAQ:
LAQ Camille Free Essential skin (7 skintones)
– shown on system head with Mesh Lashes.

Body (Bento, BoM) in 2 versions, nr 2 for use with Alpha HUD (both boxed).
Alpha HUD
Hands (Bento)
Nails (Bento, 5 different lenghts and shapes)
Feet x3 (Flat, Medium, High – all with & without nails)
Color-HUD (for the Nails, both Fingers & Toes)
Shape (modify)
Shaper (for brows, modify)
Styling Notecard (with landmarks)
Notecard: Shoes for Ruth 2.0 (0-20L$)

Neckfix (thanks to Zii Minotaur @ Apricot Paws)
Lingerie (system layers)
Ankle Lock
Facelight (with HUD)
Mesh Choker x2 (Lace & Solid)
Mesh Lashes & Eyelash Remover Alpha
Quick Nailcover Fix (for feet, tattoo)
FootPad Alpha (for Medium Feet)

Also see my Male Mesh Body:


Ruth (and Roth) 2.0 is a scratch-built, open-source, Opensim, Second Life compatible mesh avatar – built to use standard SL UV maps.
Designed by Shin Ingin, with other open source contributions from the OpenSimulator Community.
❤ Thanks everyone!

The goal of the Ruth 2.0 project is to make a high quality, 100% free mesh avatar that can use accessories from other quality mesh producers.

Github Repository:
MeWe Community Page:

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