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The EyeArt Gallery in Second Life® (owned by Mona Byte) is hosting the art of Aloisio Congrejo.

Congrejo is an Italian artist already known for having organized several artistic performances in recent years and for having contributed in carrying out important projects, such as 2Lei – About violence against women.

Speaking of Congrejo’s art, I can say he realizes “3D pictures”: in fact, starting from an idea, he develops the image, giving it depth while maintaining the classical structure of a painting.

This aspect is interesting because it defines a particular style that, in Second Life, I have not seen frequently.

The particularity of Congrejo’s style is also due to the choice of geometric shapes and colors that give vivacity and thickness to the artistic work as a whole. Particularly in this last artistic exhibition, Congrejo uses photographs taken in SL®, geometric shapes, and colors.

Like for the colors, the artist gives prominence to them making seem “thrown on the canvas in a causal way” to achieve an artistic effect.

Having also visited other previous exhibitions of this artist, I think I have seen an evolution in his style: to be an artist above all geometric (therefore an abstractionist) to be an artist who is able to exploit different techniques mixing them together in a harmonic way.

The scenarios that the artist describes are certainly metaphorical; the feelings he transmits are never negative but have an evident positive value. The human figures are stylized, represented by mannequins, all the same. Congrejo seems to emphasize more shapes and colors than to humanity in general.

I must say that the overall impact of this art exhibition on “The Eye” is positive and I personally really like the artistic evolution that Congrejo is making, so I hope that he will proceed in this direction also for the future.

On the occasion of my visit, I shot a video, to a future memory of this art exhibition.



Where: Art Gallery, The Eye, owned by Mona Byte

Artist: Aloisio Congrejo

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