17 January 2021 – 6 AM SLT


Piano concert by Rulie Cisse

Ambre Singh Gallery – Noir´Wen City Teleport

Newly relocated in Noir’Wen,

Ambre Singh’s Gallery

Is totally revamped for the new year, with a vast exhibition space; even better, it is now next door to the (in)famous Pink Dildo Museum.

Featuring 2 floors of art exhibition, and a scene rezzer with many stories told,

and the “must see” Rumi slideshow.

“The artwork of Ambre is first and foremost a look at our worlds and our daily lives… but a shifted sharp look, full of humor and humanity that questions us and puts us into a new perspective. His work is like a surrealist report, always funny, tender and poetic. She puts our realities in an abyss. She lightly asks essential questions about our humanity with a perfect mastery of photographic tools.

She plays with the senses which she diverts with finesse. There is hidden in her work a restrained anger, a silent revolt that pushes us to question ourselves, but with a tenderness in the heart and a smile on our lips. Filled with the hope that we are fundamentally good.

La création de Ambre est d’abord et avant tout un regard sur nos mondes et nos vies quotidiennes… mais un regard décalé, acéré, plein d’humour et d’humanité qui nous questionne et nous relativise. Son oeuvre est comme un reportage surréaliste toujours drôle, tendre et poétique. Elle met nos réalités en abîme.

Elle pose avec légèreté des questions essentielles sur notre humanité avec une parfaite maîtrise des outils photographiques. Elle se joue des sens qu’elle détourne avec finesse. Il se cache dans son oeuvre une colère contenue, une révolte silencieuse qui nous pousse à nous questionner, mais avec une tendresse au coeur et un sourire aux lèvres. Remplie d’espoir que nous sommes fondamentalement bons.”

Noir´Wen Sim Owner – NieuwenHove

Ambre Singh Bio

“It is your mind that creates this world”, said Buddha. All you do in SL will subtly change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love.

My images tell stories. I set up scenes in SL, or I mix worlds… If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition. Sometimes, I photograph people of character in SL or in studio, trying to express the life and soul of the beings and places.

Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, sometimes silly, often ironical, my images are never politically correct nor vulgar.

On my grave I want this epitaph:
“Art is my soul masturbation. I do it for my myself, but others can watch.”

I exhibit my work in various galleries and events.


The Pink Dildo, Hidden Founding Myths in History, in Noir’Wen
Collective exhibition in The Fetish Sisters Gallery
Art and more in Ambre Photographer’s shop
Black and white mood in The Lesbian Sisterhood

Past Exhibitions:

2020 Street art exhibition in Noir’Wen
2020, Exhibition in The Phenix Artists Collaboration sim
2019, Losing my Religion, l’Azile
2019, Desparate (b)jobs, Noir’wen
2018, Collective exhib in Astral Dreams
2018, Ambre’s Utopias, Commune Utopia Art Gallery
2017, Orientalisms, The Shakti Gardens
2009, Movies, The Ergo’s Point Tower of Arts
2008, Anachonisms, The Ergo’s Point Tower of Arts

Ambre Singh

Ambre Singh Flickr

Ambre Singh Website

E-Mail: me@ambresingh.ch

Welcome for the beauty of art!

Noir’Wen City Facebook

Violet Boa Noir’Wen City P.R

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