Today I got the sad news Ash Falls and Erebos Harbor will be offline at the end of December.

From their website:

Erebos Harbor and Ash Falls will be closing on the following dates;

Erebos Harbor: 24th December
Ash Falls 1&2: 25th December

It hasn’t been an easy decision for us to make, but with us spending little to no time over the last 6 months in SL due to RL changes, the current rental market in SL not really being viable due to real world financial issues, and the flood of LL homes over the last 12 months, we have decided to take a hiatus from SL.

Rental boxes will no longer accept payments, but we invite our tenants to stay until the last should they wish to do so. Any rentals that exceed the remaining time on the regions will be issued a refund of any excess time.

Due to the fact that the regions are rented and not owned by us, they cannot be sold or transferred.

Client support for regions landscaped by us will continue indefinitely.

We would both like to personally thank everyone who has stayed with us over the years.

Leaf and Julz

I am sad since they are for sure two of the most beautiful SL Destinations: the most realistic with attention to details, to the overall credibility of the landscape.

I suggest a visit before the closing, to explore these awesome regions if you still don’t know and to get the chance to visit them for the last times if you already know them.


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