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Just a question: do you have a Facebook account? And if yes, have you ever seen removed your post and image because of a report? 

Let me clarify: if someone posts something against Facebook TOS, it is normal that FB removed his post. However, sometimes and not rarely, FB removes posts just because they are from an avatar and not a real person.

Why? I think it’s because Facebook was born like a social platform for people who want to stay connected in their real life. Facebook tolerates Second Life avatars, but it for sure, prefers real profiles. In the recent past, Facebook started a war against false profiles and, and began to consider Second life avatars “fake” just because the profile’s name wasn’t the real one. In my experience, I have been often reported by someone’s Facebook account because of my name, and, for this reason, I had to put the real one (and also send my identity card to FB). 

So, having a specific social network thought for Second Life users would be great.

Well, this social network exists, and it’s also great! Don’t you believe me? Let’s start a tour together!

The Social Media Network thought for SL users is AvatarBook.org, and you can find the link on the description of this video. 

The first goal of this Social Media is that you can log in also with your Facebook account, so you have easy access to it.

AvatarBook was born in 2014, and its theme is responsive so that you can use it on mobile also without a specific app. However, I contacted Virtual Nomad (AB Staff), and he told me an app is in the program even he can’t be more specific about the release date.

I like a lot this Social Media because it’s rationally organized and it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

As you see on the left, you have the chance to have access to the section “add new” that you will use for most of your time.

In the “add new” section you find:

  • (add a new) group
  • (add a new) photo
  • (add a new) video
  • (add a new) discussion (in the forum section you chose)
  • (add a new) event

Under the “add new” section, you can find the recent photos published from users (and you can also choose the top-rated ones).

In the Announces section, you can see some exciting gadget and info from the Avatar Book Staff, namely:

  • Get your free Avatarbook gadgets from the Marketplace
  • Join an official Avatarbook inworld group

In the toolbar above, you can see other relevant links: 

  • Home: it’s like the “Facebook Home,” so you can give a quick look to your’ friend’s posts. 
  • My Dashboard: similar to the “Facebook Dashboard,” you can find your publications and so posts, videos, images, etc.
  • Forum. Yay, forum! This section is excellent, and it’s my favorite one. You can get access to all the forum’s parts in a click and share your opinions, information, questions in a fast and easy way!
  • Photos: another section well-done. You can explore the crew’s images subdivided into three parts: latest|top rated|most discussed, and you can also explore your photos (that you’ve published until now).
  • Videos: the crew’s video subdivided in featured|latest|top rated|browse by tag|
  • Events: all the crew’s events subdivided in invitation|my events|past|upcoming.
  • Polls: This is another excellent section where you can post a poll and answer the other’s surveys. A fantastic interaction’s way!
  • Groups: here are the crew’s groups subdivided in the most popular|latests|my groups|invitations.

In the right above angle, you have four critical icons:

  • Messages: where you can see all your messages and send a message.
  • Notifications: this part is exactly like Facebook notifications.
  • Your account settings: where you can see and edit your profile, set your preferences, see your mail notifications, and your privacy settings.
  • Your Icon Photo: to get fats access to your profile and timeline. It’s your published timeline, exactly like Facebook.

You can easily add your partner and family members; AB is user-friendly for sure!

I strongly suggest to use AvatarBook since it’s thought for Second Life’s users, it’s user-friendly, and you can get fast access also from your mobile since it’s responsive themed.

Go to → AvatarBook Social Network


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