I’ve been getting into Instagram photography lately. One of the most exciting aspects of this social media dedicated to photography is the importance it gives to the photographic theme.

Not all those who share their images on Instagram propose a specific set of colors, however those who professionally use Instagram or want to have a well-kept bulletin board, choose and use a particular preset of colors.

Among the presets that are more fashionable lately, there is the exaltation of black and orange colors.
I have created a preset that can be downloaded and freely used by anyone using Photoshop to process their images.
It is a color combination that you can import directly into your raw camera filter and customize it as you want.
Here is the link to download it and instructions to use it!
Let me know in a comment what you think about it and share with me the photos you have taken using my preset.
I will share them on my socials!

Black and Orange Camera Raw Preset

Download Black and Orange Instagram Theme


How To Install The Black and Orange Theme

Open Photoshop >> Filter >> Camera RAW

Load Settings is here (choose my preset, from the folder you saved it)

My Youtube Video

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