I. Introduction

In the enchanting world of Second Life, a groundbreaking collaboration has taken place, bringing together three prominent stores: Velour, Stealthic, and Addams. This momentous occasion has given rise to an extraordinary opportunity for Barbie fans to recreate their favorite iconic doll in their virtual reality. Together, these three exceptional creators offer fans the tools needed to craft an avatar that mirrors the timeless allure of Barbie, paying homage to the recent cinematic release.

II. Velour: The Perfect Skin and Shape


Velour has always been a name associated with perfection when it comes to creating skin and shape for avatars in Second Life. With this collaboration, they have raised the bar even higher. Fans can now access exclusive skin and shape options that exude the essence of Barbie’s radiant beauty. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in Velour’s creations is truly awe-inspiring, elevating the virtual avatar into a masterpiece of digital art.


III. Stealthic: The Trendy Hairstyles

Stealthic x Velour x Addams - Malibu Collection @ Mainstore

When it comes to hairstyles in Second Life, no one does it better than Stealthic. With a reputation for setting trends, Stealthic brings a fantastic array of Barbie-inspired hairstyles to this collaboration. From glamorous updos to chic long tresses, each hairstyle is a testament to the impeccable taste that Stealthic consistently delivers. Barbie’s avatar will be adorned with the trendiest hairdos, making her stand out in any virtual crowd.

IV. Addams: The Fashionable Attire

Welcome to the fabulous world of the "Malibu Collection"💖

Fashion-forward and stylish, Addams‘ clothing designs have captivated the Second Life community for years. Through this collaboration, Addams presents a stunning collection of Barbie-inspired outfits that are simply irresistible. From iconic dresses to modern ensembles, Barbie’s wardrobe will be nothing short of fabulous, ensuring her avatar is always dressed to impress.

V. Bringing Barbie to Life in Second Life

This collaboration is a dream come true for fans of both Barbie and Second Life. By combining Velour’s flawless skin and shape, Stealthic’s trendsetting hairstyles, and Addams’ fashionable attire, users can now transform into their very own Barbie avatar. The excitement of embodying a timeless symbol of beauty and grace is unmatched, and this collaboration offers the means to achieve just that.

VI. Step-by-Step Avatar Creation Process

To bring your Barbie avatar to life, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose Velour’s exclusive skin and shape that best resonates with your vision of Barbie.
  2. Select a captivating hairstyle from Stealthic’s collection to complement your avatar’s appearance.
  3. Browse through Addams’ wardrobe to find the perfect outfit that matches Barbie’s iconic style.
  4. Customize your avatar with additional accessories to add personal touches and make it uniquely yours.

VII. Connecting with the Barbie Community in Second Life

The collaboration not only offers a chance for individual expression but also fosters a sense of community among Barbie fans in Second Life. Join social gatherings, events, and forums to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for this legendary doll. Share tips, experiences, and stories about your Barbie avatar transformation, and immerse yourself in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

"GlVEAWAY" BARBARA for EvoX @Dubai
Barbie Vibes Flickr Gallery

VIII. User Experience and Reviews

Users who have embraced the Velour, Stealthic, and Addams collaboration have been thrilled with the results. Many have expressed their delight in being able to embody the spirit of Barbie within Second Life. The quality of the items and the attention to detail have received widespread praise. Avatars adorned with collaboration items exude elegance and charm, captivating all who encounter them in the virtual realm.

IX. The Influence of Collaborations in Virtual Worlds

This remarkable collaboration is part of a growing trend in virtual environments. It showcases the power of bringing together talented creators to provide unique experiences to their fanbases. As collaborations continue to thrive, we can expect to see more exciting partnerships that cater to diverse interests and celebrate various pop culture icons.

X. Conclusion

The collaboration between Velour, Stealthic, and Addams is a testament to the creativity and innovation present in Second Life. By offering fans the opportunity to craft their Barbie avatar, they have ignited a spark of nostalgia and admiration for this timeless icon. It’s a chance to relive cherished memories while embracing the future of virtual experiences.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of Barbie avatars and experience the magic for yourself! Create your unique avatar, radiating elegance and grace in every pixel.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use the collaboration items for my male avatar too? Absolutely! While the collaboration items are inspired by Barbie’s aesthetics, they are versatile enough to suit all genders and styles.

2. Will there be future collaborations with other iconic characters? While nothing has been officially announced, the success of this collaboration opens the door for potential partnerships in the future.

3. Are the collaboration items limited edition? As of now, the collaboration items are available for purchase, but it’s recommended to grab them while they’re still in stock.

4. Can I mix and match items from different creators in the collaboration? Certainly! Part of the joy of Second Life is expressing your unique style, so feel free to mix and match it to your heart’s content.

5. How do I stay updated on future collaborations and events? Join Second Life communities, follow the creators on social media, and keep an eye on official announcements to stay informed.



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