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Cica Ghost recently unveiled her latest artistic installation in Second Life, aptly named “Nostalgia.” I had the privilege of receiving an invitation to explore it, and I was thrilled because “Nostalgia” is undoubtedly one of my favorite artistic creations by Cica. In the virtual world of Second Life, Cica Ghost is renowned for periodically crafting visually and emotionally impactful installations. “Nostalgia,” which effectively evokes a nostalgic emotional state, is primarily characterized by sepia-toned hues.

Within this installation, elements from her previous artworks are also interwoven, creating something entirely unique. As always, Cica meticulously chooses lighting settings that frame her artistic installations. In this case, she has opted for lighting configurations that accentuate shadows and contribute to the predominant sepia tone—a naturally nostalgic hue often associated with vintage photography. Cica’s artistic creations often draw inspiration from childhood aspects, making them suitable for children. However, in my view, these representations are not intended for mere amusement but rather to evoke nostalgic memories.

Childhood is a period in life that we remember with great intensity because, as children, life’s experiences are vivid and visually compelling. This way of experiencing life naturally leads to recalling those experiences more intensely as time passes. In contrast, other life experiences tend to become repetitive aspects of daily life, lacking the same peaks of passion, emotion, and interest. While this may not be true for everyone, it certainly is for many as life transitions into a series of responsibilities and obligations over time—an aspect absent during childhood.

Of course, we are discussing normal circumstances here, as these situations do not hold in cases of problematic or violent family environments. When I observe Cica’s installations, I consistently get the impression that the artist views childhood through a nostalgic lens. This impression persists even in her other artistic installations, where brighter lighting settings and a full spectrum of colors are used.

Beyond my personal impressions, Cica Ghost is unquestionably one of the most prominent artists within Second Life, consistently offering her visitors high-quality and visually impactful artistic spectacles. In this article, I will provide some insights into her biography, previous works, and even share a video I recorded at her “Nostalgia” installation to commemorate this splendid piece of artistry.

Cica Ghost: A Brief Biography

Cica Ghost, known in Second Life as an incredibly talented artist, brings her creativity and unique vision to life within the virtual realm of Second Life. Her installations have been captivating the virtual art world for years, and her ability to evoke strong emotions and nostalgia through her creations is unparalleled.
Artist from Serbia, in Second Life since 2010.

Previous Works by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost’s portfolio in Second Life is rich and diverse. Some of her previous installations include “Trolland,” “Scribbled,” “Memories,” “Secret Garden,” and “Summer Night.” Each of these creations carries its own distinct theme and emotional resonance, showcasing the artist’s versatility and artistic depth.

Video Showcase: Exploring “Nostalgia” by Cica Ghost

Echoes of Nostalgia

In Cica’s world, a sepia dream,
Where memories dance in golden gleam.
Her art unfolds a tender song,
In “Nostalgia’s” embrace, we all belong.

The hues of time, a soft embrace,
A childhood’s smile, a wistful grace.
With every step, we journey back,
In sepia tones, no detail lacks.

So let us wander, explore, and see,
The world through Cica’s eyes, set free.
In “Nostalgia’s” arms, we find our place,
A timeless journey, a warm embrace.


Cica’s Nostalgia

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