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When it comes to strategy gaming you can’t get much more tactile than a game of chess and that’s what Oculus Quest owners can enjoy today. Odders Lab – the studio behind the energetic OhShape – will be releasing Chess Club, a title offering both classic chess as well as some interesting variations.

Chess Club

Chess is one of those games which perfectly suits the phase “easy to pickup yet hard to master” due to the sheer amount of strategic options each player is faced with. Chess Club aims to bring that type of challenge to Oculus Quest as the first native chess title for the headset. You’ll be able to play against friends or get in some practice against AI in a couple of environments, the Grand Palace and Stonehenge.

When playing mates in the online multiplayer you’ll have avatar options and voice functionality so you both can chat or remain silent if you’re taking it very seriously. Matches can be casual if you simply want to enjoy a friendly game or head to the rated mode to increase the pressure.

If you find the classic game of chess a bit too stuffy with those rigid playing pieces then Chess Club can liven things up with fight animations and sound effects. See your Knights and Bishops come to life and attack your opponents playing pieces for a far more visually exciting match.

Chess Club

There are plenty of other features nestled away in Chess Club. Those interested in improving their game can track their moves history during a match, whilst bullet, blitz, real time and async time rules change the play dynamic. And because this is an Oculus Quest title, Odders Lab has included hand tracking so you can do away with the controllers if you so wish.

Chess Club for Oculus Quest is currently available for pre-order with a 10% discount dropping the cost to £9.89 GBP. Pre-ordering also nets you early access for 48 hours from today, with the official launch taking place on Thursday. For further updates on Chess Club keep reading VRFocus.

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