Death by Piano at Akikaze

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03 October 2021 – 11 AM SLT

We’re pleased to invite you to the

live-streamed SL performance of Death by Piano featuring KALEN,

with a live accompaniment by “visual musician” Dan Mandell!

Death By Piano @Akikaze Teleport

The show will last approximately 30-40 minutes, and will be immediately followed by the after-party hosted by DJ Verdant Homewood and the amazing Safar Fiertze! This event is to celebrate DBP’s latest EP, Hellish, and will be simultaneously live-streamed out to YouTube.

This show uses both Parcel Media and Shared Media (media-on-a-prim). To help us to give you the best experience possible, please take a couple of minutes to make the following adjustments to your preferences and other settings before arrival:

o Set to HIGH or better
o Draw Distance at least 300m
o ENABLE “Advanced Lighting Model”

IMPORTANT! Set preferences in MEDIA tab as below:
– enable media to AUTOPLAY
– ALLOW scripts to control media
– DISABLE media on others
– DISABLE media filter

[bestest!] Use local/shared environment settings
[okay-ish] Set Sun to MIDNIGHT

Please remove any unnecessary scripted items and attachments (scanners, particles, etc.).

Suggested Settings:

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Death By Piano

A Brooklyn-based electronic project mixing the sounds of its native borough — electronic beats, distinctive analog instrumentation, and a thick brew of strings and synths sifted through a reconstructive filter, DBP is centered by KALEN’s lush and expansive voice. DBP “seems to be changing faces between darkwave and shoegaze” (All Things Go). Singer/songwriter/keyboardist KALEN leads DBP in collaboration with some of Brooklyn’s best producers and visual collaborators. DBP is a staple of the NY underground music scene but has also brought it’s dark and dreamy live show to stages such as Rough Trade NYC and elsewhere. DBP’s first EP, Countdown, and 2020’s trilogy of singles were released on H4H records.

Dan Mandell

Specializing in Graphic Design and Complex Photoshop Compositing/Retouching, Dan is a multi-disciplinary creative. He also does some Illustrating and has extensive experience with photography from both ends and in video capture and editing. He’s currently working with matte painting and concept art.

BIG THANKS thanks to:
Akiko Kinoshi and her Akipelago for her support and use of the Akikaze sim.
Jo Ellsmere – artistic and technical support.
Violet Boa – SL and related promotion.
Chantal Harvey – videography and outbound live-streaming.

Set design and build by TJ.

Art Promotion

Violet Boa
My responsibilities include planning, implementing, and managing PR strategies as well as organizing and managing various PR activities. A natural part of my work involves arranging interviews and coordination, researching and collecting opportunities for partnerships, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, influencers and bloggers, as well as supporting the team members of my client in communicating and running a campaign. My top ten topics of interest are fine art, photography, design, digital art, music, performing arts, literature, science, mindfulness and a positive attitude. I'm a thinker & observer & I love all the things I do. Multilingual. Independent. Strong true character, kind, brave, thoughtful, humble and proud person who loves humor, positive attitude & Advanced thinkers! If you would like your event to be published on VIRTUALITY, feel free to contact me!
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