Ultrawings is an arcade VR flight sim that’s been on the market since 2017 and has become something of a classic in its own right. Now developer Bit Planet games says it’s “all-in” on the sequel, Ultrawings 2, which is poised to launch in early 2022 on Quest and PC VR.

Ultrawings charmingly combines flight sim mechanics with an inviting world full of aerial mini-games. The game has been well received over the years as its become available on all major VR platforms.

Now developer Bit Planet Games has announced that the sequel, Ultrawings 2, will launch in early 2022 on PC VR and Quest, as well as unspecified “other platform(s)” in the future (considering the original is also available on PSVR and even Nintendo Switch, those are a good bet).

“[…] we decided to go all-in, so to speak, and develop a game that we felt was worthy of being called a sequel,” wrote the studio in its announcement.

Indeed, from the announcement trailer we can see that the game looks more detailed than ever with new environments, challenges, and mini-games. And, a significant addition over the original, Ultrawings 2 is leaning into combat missions which the studio says will include dogfights, bomber interceptions, and convoy destruction.

Bit Planet Games is also promising “three times the gameplay of the original,” with five unique aircraft (including a helicopter) and brand new islands that are significantly larger than the originals. The studio says players can expect a whopping 40–60 hours of gameplay across “several hundred hand-crafted missions.”

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Better still, Bit Planet Games says that Ultrawings 2 is “designed and built for expansion,” and that players can expect new aircraft, gameplay modes, and levels to be added after launch.

While the game is designed around VR motion controllers, like the original, Ultrawings 2 will also support a range of HOTAS (flight sticks) for players who have flight sim hardware at the ready. While officially supported hardware hasn’t yet been announced, we’d expect to see the HOTAS supported by the original game (Saitek X52/55/56, Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog/HOTASX/HOTAS4/T16000M) carry over to the sequel.

A price has not yet been announced for Ultrawings 2, but a release date of February 2022 is listed on the game’s Steam page.

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