Delain’s Particle Show for Aki’s 5th RezDay

Particle Show & AfterParty

Recorded May 29 2022: this (surprise) celebration organized by Gem Preiz and Delain Canucci , included a special Particle Show by Delain followed by an AfterParty Dance with special set by my love DJ Betty Boo which ran for 2 hours after the show!

I can’t believe it has been 5 years already and I was so overwhelmed by this celebration put together by my besties: Betty, Delain, and Gem thank you so, so much for doing this!!!

Special thanks to Earth, Kernelios, Kurk, Sharni, Haze, Blaise, Morgie, Royal and Violet for their presence and friendship!

And thank you all ever so much for joining us on May 29 2022 for the celebration:

Aealla, AnGeLik, Arlena, Art, Bijoux, Biran, Carelyna, Caroline, Cat, Celerdir, CostiC, Cyprine, Dain, David, Dolphin, Dragon, Elen, Emme, Emy, Erica, Ethan, Finite, foundguilty, Geli, gina, Haiku, Ilyra, Jo, Journey, Karibian, Kika, Kunisaki, Laura, Lexandra, Lightsight, Little Soulstar, Lucifer, Mandel, Mareea, Melody, Mina, Mr Cari, Mr Robb, Myrtille, Nightfall, Not Traci, Polyhistor, Queen, Sole, Spooky, Sus, Suzie, sweet, Swimini, Tabby, Tacca, Tia, Violette, Whitee1, Winterswraith, and Xara!”

Akiko Kinoshi

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