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Tell me a story” it is the latest and immersive art installation by Meilo Minotaur. It is intricate work that combines images, working environment and sculptures.

The artist’s idea, explained in the explanatory notecard, is to engage the visitor and asked him to play the active role of the narrator of a story. In fact, the installation composed of different areas, each one in its right, with distinctive personalities. Everything blends perfectly.

On the occasion of my visit, I particularly enjoyed the contrast of dark colors of most of the characters with the landscape mostly brilliant white. This choice of colors makes the photographs of the installation very suggestive and full of charm and mystery at the same time.

Of course everyone sees what they prefer, and the artist knows this; for this reason, she leaves the maximum mode of expression to visitors, allowing them to “tell their story,” through text, images or video at their absolute discretion.  

The idea of stimulating the visitor is intriguing, and because he feels active part and because it drives him to an exercise of imagination and storytelling especially crucial in our era where society offers everything as a “ready-made,” even art. Society hardy asks us to think, much less to imagine. The “daydreaming,” the reflection, the “form their own idea” of what surrounds us are primary elements in the development and personal growth. It seems that our society does not like people who have their own identity, but prefers those who accept the “pre-set answers.”

Meilo Minotaur is interested in knowing the stories of visitors who gives the most extensive mode of expression and asked to submit their ideas to her e-mail:

Wanting to give my contribution to the narrative, the scenarios proposed by Meilo inspire me stories style fairytale with a profound hidden message, such as “Alice in Wonderland.” I imagine a child who communicates with each of the characters and draws important lessons hidden in metaphorical narratives. The Meilo art installation, in fact, is surreal and reminiscent of a dream-like setting full of ideas that will easily inspire a “storytelling.”

On the other now also part of the art curators prefer to renew the interest of the visitor through narrative marketing techniques: the reason for this choice is to create a greater emotional involvement of the viewer.

What is storytelling and why it is considered so necessary for anyone involved in writing for the web and web marketing also?

Storytelling is the art of telling stories with writing. Beyond this simple definition, it is a very concrete concept because with storytelling you do not speak about tales, but you try to communicate something useful by telling stories. Stories like and have the uncanny ability to strike deep emotions of the reader; storytelling is a communication method that uses the narration to get to the heart of the reader.

Meino’s installation offers a scenario of inspiration, and it will not struggle getting caught by the imagination, reminding you to forward her your own stories.


Delicatessen – tell me a story

Meilo Minotaur

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