New Mesh Bodies in Second Life: A Vicious Cycle for Designers and Users Alik

The introduction of new mesh bodies in Second Life has posed several challenges not only for designers but also for users.

Designers have had to face the difficulty of choosing which bodies to make refits and rig clothes for. It’s a significant challenge considering the multiple operations they have to carry out before reaching the finished product. Adding new bodies to adapt and rig their creations is particularly demanding for designers.

However, the situation is not any better on the customer’s side. The difficulty designers face in adding new bodies for refit and rigging their items means that customers hardly find compatible clothes with their newly acquired mesh bodies. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.

I belong to the group of people who have taken a step back, returning to old choices concerning mesh bodies and abandoning new ones precisely because of the lack of compatible clothes and objects with the newly purchased body.

This situation seems to be the case for many other people I’ve talked to. The difficulty in finding clothes, jewelry, or any other item to enhance and personalize one’s avatar leads customers to go back to their old choices to have a more significant number of compatible items to choose from.

One question that arises is whether designers can rig for as many bodies as possible to encourage customers to use the newly released mesh bodies in the market.

On Discord, we’ve started a survey on customers’ difficulties in finding compatible items with their latest generation mesh bodies. If you’d like to join the survey and share your opinion, I’ll leave the link to our Discord server.

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