ECLIPSE Magazine in Second Life® – February 2018

For the Third Anniversary issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature One Billion Rising, a global event on February 14, 2018 that endeavors to raise awareness to help end the exploitation of women. On the fashion front, Grace Sixpence takes the theme of “Love Yourself and the ECLIPSE stylists showcase outfits inspired by the bold colors and mission of One Billion Rising. Celebrating the brand’s upcoming 13th Anniversary, we feature the talented Rebel Hope. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, “Romantic Endeavors” explores a few potential places to visit. Be sure to check out “The Proust Spotlight” with Hopa Shinobu, “The World of Roleplay” with Unnatural, “Artist Highlight” with Justin Ashton, “At Home With Wendz” for home and garden inspiration, “Ask Noey” for the best advice on the grid, “Voices From the Grid” with residents describing their perfect Valentine’s Day and “The Wayfarer” exploring Everwinter.



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