For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature the extraordinary Sassy Nitely, one of the most talented and sought after live singers on the grid, who happens to also be the creative force behind her brand ChicModa. In “Through the Lens,” we have WrenNoir Cerise showing us the best winter activities. On the topic of activities, “Friend Dates” explores the best place and activities to do with a group of friends. Be sure to check out our other features “The Proust Spotlight” with Sadystika Sabretooth, “The world of Roleplay” with Liberty Bay, “Trending Now” with cocktail attire, “Artist Highlight” with Tally, “The Art Perspective” with The Last Unicorn, “Ask noey” with the best advice on the grid, “Voices from the Grid” with resident’s sharing their New Year’s Resolutions and “The Wayfarer” with Neverfar.

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