For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature the winner of the 2017 BVN Blogger & Vlogger Award for Blogger of the Year, Miaa Rebane. We also showcase the winner of top female fashion blogger, Celeste Frowzy and top male fashion blogger, xxStanxx. With regard to the winter months, the ECLIPSE Models style their favorite colder weather trends, and the Proust Spotlight shines on Cryssie Carver! Be sure to check out our other features: “The Wayfarer” with Sol Existence, “Artist Highlight” with Porter Paquot, “World of Roleplay” with Cocoon, “Ask Noey” with the best advice on the Grid, “Through the Lens” with Taylor Wassep and “Voices from the Grid” with residents sharing how Second Life has changed them as a person

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