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Surreal art is always my favorite. I could list an endless series of reasons why this artistic style fascinates me more than others, but the truth is that it makes something important vibrate to me. I believe that my soul, in some way, identifies itself in that artistic vein.

Precisely for this reason, almost without realizing it, I explore on Flickr artists who express themselves and their talent through surreality.

What is surreal art precisely?

Surrealism, as Nadeau states, is the total liberation of the spirit and of all that resembles it.

If I wanted to express, in a word, what surreal art is for me, I would merely say “freedom.”

In the surreal art, the artist comes into contact with his spirit left entirely free to express himself. Anyone who has seen a surreal work at least once knows that it is often very similar to the Dream.
During the dream activity, in fact, our Spirit is free to express itself, without the complaints and links that come from rationality.
In the dream, things, people, and situations come together without an apparent logic (if seen with the eyes of reason). In reality, the “logic” is the Spirit’s one which, through metaphors, communicates to our Reason. Surreal art is, therefore, a magnificent bridge that connects the dream with the vigil and that allows the Reason to dialogue with the Spirit.

There is fascinating magic in surreal art.

The artist I want to propose to you tonight is Leala. She does not come up with big words on Flickr, but let’s talk about her beautiful images. I defined her as an artist without time or space, because in her pictures it seems to me that time has stopped and that there are no borders (once again, absolute freedom).

Dark clouds over Germany....

I really appreciate that Leala does not use words to introduce herself, the humble artists who let their works speak for themselves have a great fascination for me. Always.

Her images are her travels, her emotions, her stories. A bit ‘as if, through her photographs, Leala elaborated what happened to her during the day by presenting it through a dreamlike snapshot.


A world where she likes to take refuge, an experience that is only her where the only visitor admitted is the traveler who discovers her on Flickr.


Leala on Flickr

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