This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature one of the most creative, talented and unique creators on the grid, Redd Columbia. For our monthly feature, “On the Rise,” we showcase Cassie Middles and her game shows. For “Voices from the Grid,” we asked residents about their initial thoughts on Sansar. We have a slight fall theme with “Through the Lens,” where Tempest Rosca shows us “Early Autumn Days,” “Trending Now” with ECLIPSE Stylists showing us the best fall fashion trends, and “At Home with Wendz” with a fall home and decor showcase. Be sure to check out our other monthly features, “The Proust Spotlight” with AJ Arabello, “The World of Roleplay” with Cedar Creek, “Artist Highlight” with Toxic Darkmatter, “Ask Noey” with her advice column and “The Adventures of…” with the Cooocoo’s Desert Palace.


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