This edition of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic event, Thereafter. We shine the spotlight on five of their participating creators in four fashion spreads and one article: Consignment, Gild, Lybra, Mina Hair and The Forge, and two of their live singers and one DJ. We introduce our final monthly segment, “On The Rise,” this issue featuring PocketGacha. For “Voices from the Grid,” we ask residents “How or where do they find community in SL?” Be sure to check out our other monthly features: “The Proust Spotlight” with Alicia Chenaux, “At Home with Wendz” with Newchurch, “The World of Roleplay” with Apocalypse, “Artist Highlight” with Greg Kat24, “The Art Perspective” with Sandi Peterson, “Ask Noey” with her advice column and “The Adventures of…” with the Vimmershavn sim.

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