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EEP is a way to say the Environmental Enhancement Project. It is an innovation in the way you manage the light, clouds, and water settings to the SL location’s environment. It was introduced on October 3, 2018, in its beta version (with the possibility of purchasing a limited number of lots in Aditi to test the features and report bugs found).
The main features of this exciting project are:

  • Shareable environmental objects that you can keep in your inventory.
  • Parcel level control of environments.
  • Up to four different sky layers that may be set independently.
  • More options for customization.
  • And much, much more

Great, but basically what is EEP?

EEP is an object in your inventory to which you can attribute custom environment values that you can apply either to a location that is not your property (in this case you only see the settings) or to a place of your property (in this case everyone sees the settings).

Which settings can be customized?

The customizable settings are:


The customizable settings, in this case, concern the appearance of the sky and some of its parameters, such as the direction of ambient light, the images used to display the sun and moon, and their position in the sky.


The customizable settings concern the linden water and some of its parameters, such as its color, its reflection, the shape and direction of the waves.

Day Cycles

This is the set of sky and water settings that apply throughout the day.

Okay, great. I want to create my own EEP. How do I do that?

The first thing to do is to download the viewer because no viewers are enabled to EEP Settings except this one. To download it, go here: EEP Official Linden Viewer.
Once you have downloaded the viewer, open the inventory, and go to the new “settings” folder. Warning: you can only see the folder if it is not empty.
To add an item to customize as EEP, you have two ways:

  • Go to the bottom right settings icon and click on “new item” → new settings and then on the type of settings you want to create. You will find the new EEP settings in the “settings” folder.
  • Go to the “settings” folder, right-click, and new settings. Proceed as described in the previous point.

In New Settings, you can choose between:

  • New Sky
  • New Water
  • New Day Cycle

To change the settings, double click on the object or right-click and “open.” You will see an editing menu that allows you to customize the parameter you chose previously.

Okay, I created my EEP: how do I apply it to the place I’m visiting or to my land?

Simple. Double click on the object or right-click and choose between:

  • Apply only to myself
  • Apply to Parcel
  • Apply to Region

More Info? Sure, here you go

Video Interview to Rider Linden by Blogger and VLogger Network

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