VR Education Holdings launched its virtual reality (VR) learning platform Engage back in 2018 and since then it’s gone from strength to strength, being used as one of the core apps in HTC’s Vive XR Suite. Today, the company has announced plans to develop a new corporate metaverse, called ENGAGE Oasis.

Engage Oasis

An evolution of the current Engage platform, ENGAGE Oasis will be a fully persistent virtual world designed entirely for enterprise use cases. VR Education’s clients will be able to meet and sell products and services directly to each other, whether they’re a global corporation, business professional or college student. Its design will help foster new connections either within a company or externally.

With its professional focus ENGAGE Oasis will see avatars and virtual locations tailored to those needs, allowing corporations to freely tailor their sector to their own style and branding, setting their own guidelines in the process. There will also be a marketplace where creators can sell digital items and provide services using non-fungible tokens, fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

“If Rec Room and Roblox are the TikTok and Twitch of the metaverse, we want ENGAGE Oasis to be the LinkedIn of the metaverse,” says David Whelan, CEO, VRE in a statement. “We think that young professionals, corporations, digital artists, and service providers will love all the opportunities being part of the metaverse will lead to. With the pandemic and climate change causing businesses to rethink how they interact externally and internally, the virtual world provided by ENGAGE Oasis has the potential for exponential growth.”

Engage Oasis

“ENGAGE is already a leader in the world of virtual communications, and our growing client base and proven technology underlines our belief that we can become the leader in the corporate metaverse,” Whelan adds. “We look forward to updating the market on our progress, including launch partners, in the coming months.”

The ENGAGE Oasis is expected to launch in H1 2022. Currently, Engage provides three solutions for clients: Virtual Campus, Virtual Office, and Virtual Events, with the new metaverse offered as an additional service to current users. These include Abbott Laboratories, Facebook, KPMG, MongoDB, and the US State Department.

As further details of ENGAGE Oasis are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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