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The day before yesterday night the premiere of “Epica” has been staged: “Epica” is the show of “Clouds Fallen“, an active theatrical company in Second Life®, which from 5 February 2017 gladdens the Italian inhabitants of the virtual world with its complex narrations.


For the first time, I attended a theatrical show created and staged for SL®. It was a significant experience to understand how, even though a virtual world for its need of little expression, you can transmit important messages and it is also possible to excite the public.

Reading these lines someone will be wondering if it is desirable to stage a show in any virtual platform, as it is impossible to make the same expression that we can find in a show set in reality.

If this statement is certainly true, and therefore in the virtual environment, important elements of communication such as facial expressions, the free movement of the actors on the stage, the scenographic flexibility and so on, this does not mean that theatricality it cannot be successfully adapted to virtuality as well.

On the other hand, the large number of people present the other day last night at LEA4 to watch the show “Epica” of the “Clouds Fallen” is the proof (if needed) that even the virtual environment is fertile ground for the artistic creativity, not less than the real sphere.

“Epica” is an intense narration, involving and not at all obvious in the contents. In the initial part of the show, the impact is with the main character of Princess Hanna. The narration surprises with unexpected and extreme “twists” to the public.

The main theme of “Epica” is the relationship between Good and Evil, a relationship as complex as necessary.

While not wanting to reveal too much of the narrative as it could be staged more shows that, who could not attend the premiere, could assist, I must say that this contrast between Good and Evil, to which we are addicted since childhood with the stories with a happy ending, it is dealt with in “Epica” without prejudices or preconceptions.

In “Epica” lives a deep philosophical theme, dualism as a necessity.

For this reason, I asked one of the authors of this original story, Seta Rosea, to give me the script. Not to publish the whole story, but to highlight those passages that underlie the underlying message: Good and Evil complement each other, and the One could not exist without the Other.

The representative character of Evil in “Epic” is Flegias, while what identifies the Good is, in the first place Hanna, the princess who was prematurely orphaned by a father.

Flegias turns to the princess just as Evil could do with Good in a duo.

You think, every time you defeat me, to humiliate me or even worse to eliminate me. But I reborn on the horizon ready to meet you again. I’m not your antagonist, I’m your energy. (from “Epica”)

From the point of view of Good, Princess Hanna is the first example, very significant above all by virtue of her ability to sacrifice herself for what is right (as her father had taught her). Some passages of her monologues are moving, as when she tells of her dreams.

I am this. I am the one who is surprised by their dreams. And I cry when the morning ends. (From “Epic”)

“Epica” is a succession of events that symbolize this eternal struggle between Good and Evil. We call it “struggle” even if, perhaps, it is not a battle, but both exist to confirm each other’s nature.

Just as darkness stands out against the stars and confirms their existence, in the same way, Evil allows us to define the Good, nourishing it of its own essence.

On the occasion of the show, I took several pictures that I subsequently elaborated according to my taste and which I share in the photo gallery in this post.

Below is the poster that introduces the show and the full actors.

I remember that the authors of the texts are Seta Rosea and Cornelia Longfall.

Epica in Second Life

On the occasion of my visit to the gallery of images exhibited to remember the previous theatrical performances, I had the pleasure of shooting a small video for future memory.



For other videos on previous shows, you can view the following contents.



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