Second Life® and G.B.T.H. Project with Megan Prumier’s immersive installation

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After a few days of absence from blogging (for Real Life reasons), I return to my exploration of human creativity in virtual worlds. In fact, one of my favorite activities is to visit the latest artistical innovations. This time I immerse myself in the creative mind of Megan Prumier who gave life to an art installation entitled “Contact” related to G.B.T.H. (Grab By The Horns) Project.

GBTH Project in Second Life
GBTH Project in Second Life

Here we are very far from a “classic” style, that is the art gallery and the museum. Space is open to the performance of Megan Prumier allowing her to exploit its fullness to highlight the sense of her immersive art installation.



As she herself makes clear, at the point of landing, “Contact” explores the complex theme of perception that manifests itself through the combination of two factors: the illusion of movement and the combination of colors.

In fact, movement and color are two fundamental elements in the installation of the Prumier. Their importance is also clear from the recommendations for a good vision: the minimum required is that “Advanced Lighting Model” is correctly flagged. However, an optimal vision, provided that the PC allows it, is guaranteed by a graphics set on “Ultra” and by the “Ambient Occlusion” flagged.


GBTH Project in Second Life
GBTH Project in Second Life

The immersiveness of the installation is immediately evident: there is no space to look out of the installation, all the visitor’s attention is diverted to the “experience” offered. The theme, I remember, is that of perception, so the Prumier seems to be interested in that the visitor concentrates his attention as much as possible on what he sees and manages to grasp during his wandering around.

GBTH Project in Second Life
Me @GBTH Project in Second Life

The environment is comfortable and hospitable, and this makes me think that the artist wants the explorer to feel at ease and stop to appreciate the details. The two identical purple rooms located at opposite points, separated only by a corridor of bright and intense green geometric shapes, are embellished with lights and comfortable chairs. Here the movement is given by the slight swaying of the leaves of improbable trees in that context (but you know, art is fantasy, first of all).

Corridors like slides placed inside black parallelepipeds with bright white contours invite you to go upstairs to appreciate the three-dimensional geometries of the artist. Even here shapes, colors, and lights in movement embellish the surrounding environment, giving the impression of having been catapulted into a futuristic environment.

It is easy to take photographs thanks to the animations and poses placed inside the installation itself.

For additional information on G.B.T.H Project, I suggest you visit the G.B.T.H. Project Blog.


“Contact”, by Megan Prumier




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