Genus Head in Second Life: Update

The renowned mesh head brand, Genus has exciting news for SL enthusiasts. They are releasing a free update that promises to revolutionize your inworld experience. The update is packed with a variety of exciting features, improvements, and fixes for previously created Genus heads. This will ensure that you have a smooth transition to the next level of realism and customization.

Extended Texture Mapping Options

The latest Genus heads offer three types of texture mapping to meet your creative requirements. You can select from the standard applier, the BOM for SL UV with a resolution of 1024 and a new high-definition texture for BOM. These advancements allow the heads to fully support SL UV, which implies that your current makeup and skins will easily adjust to the new update. You don’t need to fret about compatibility problems or beginning from scratch!

Hassle-free Texture Upgrades

Are you worried that your old textures are no longer up to date? Don’t worry! With the latest update from Genus, you can easily upgrade your textures to the BOM options. This will allow you to enhance your previous creations and explore new possibilities. You can also give your Genus heads a fresh look with the latest features and aesthetics. The transition will be seamless.

Enhanced Makeup, Skin, and HUD

Get ready to be wowed by the latest makeup and skincare options available in this update. Genus has gone the extra mile to offer a wide range of choices that cater to different styles and preferences. The updated HUD makes it easy to navigate through the options, allowing you to effortlessly achieve your desired look.

Genus Head in Second Life: Update

Bug Fixes and Enhanced Functionality

The Genus team values the feedback of their users. This new update focuses on fixing bugs reported by their customers, resulting in a smoother and glitch-free experience. Notable improvements include fixes for rolling eyes and tongue locking. With these enhancements, they aim to provide a more seamless and enjoyable virtual world experience for their users.

Exciting New Features

The updated HUD has new features to enhance your customizations. Separate pages for different materials make it easy to experiment and adjust. Specular color customization adds to the realism of Genus heads. You can also enjoy high-definition cosmetics for a flawless finish to help you stand out in the virtual world.

Free for All Existing Genus Head Users

This upgrade will give you the opportunity to enhance your virtual appearance and your Second Life experience without any extra cost. Once you upgrade your Genus head, you will have access to a variety of texture mapping options, stunning makeup, and skin choices, and a new-and-improved HUD with enhanced functionality. Their goal is to provide their loyal users with the best possible experience, so they are committed to offering a comprehensive upgrade.

So, if you have a Genus head, get ready to elevate your Second Life experience to new heights. Embrace the free update, dive into the extended texture mapping options, experiment with stunning makeup and skin choices, and delight in the enhanced functionality of the updated HUD.

Genus Head in Second Life: Update


Q: When will the new Genus update be released?

A: To stay updated on the release date of the highly anticipated update from Genus, it is recommended to follow their official Facebook Page. By following this link Genus Facebook Page, you will have direct access to the latest news and announcements regarding the release of the update. Stay informed and be among the first to experience the revolutionary features and enhancements that Genus has in store for virtual experience enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not affiliated with or sponsored by Genus. It is solely written to inform and entertain the Second Life community about the exciting free update for Genus mesh heads.


Genus Facebook Page
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