Previously, Virtuality Blog shared news about an upcoming update for the Maitreya Mesh Body. However, we noticed some misunderstandings and would like to clarify with information sourced from a Maitreya Facebook Page comment.

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To begin with, we want to clarify that the recent update does not necessarily enhance the curviness of the body. The main objective of Maitreya was to maintain the thickness and overall appearance of Lara, the Maitreya Mesh Body. Nonetheless, some essential changes in the weights have resulted in a slightly more visible response of the body to the sliders’ effects.

If you had previously set your buttocks and/or breasts sliders to almost maximum, you may notice a slight increase in their size. However, if you had set them to more moderate positions, their size would remain largely unchanged. It’s important to note that these adjustments won’t make you appear curvier unless you want to. You have complete control over your desired body shape.

The buttocks now have a physics option that allows for more natural movement. The entire body has been improved, resulting in smoother and rounder lines. Although these changes may seem subtle, a GIF comparison clearly shows the noticeable differences.

When it comes to making clothes for Lara X, the use of sliders is an important factor to consider in terms of compatibility. If your shape sliders are set to moderate positions, it won’t have much impact on how well the clothing fits. However, if your slider values are more extreme, you’ll notice bigger differences. As a result, it’s likely that creators will start designing clothes with Lara X in mind going forward.

It is important to understand that Lara X is not merely an add-on, but rather a full-body avatar that can be added to your original Lara. This means that you can utilize your existing wardrobe, which was specifically designed for the original Lara, to ensure a smooth and seamless clothing fit.

We hope this extra information clears up any misunderstandings and helps you comprehend the upcoming update for the Maitreya Mesh Body better.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not affiliated with or sponsored by Maitreya. It is solely written to inform and educate the Second Life community about the recent update for the Maitreya Mesh Body. We aim to provide accurate and comprehensive information to our readers, ensuring they are well informed about the enhancements and features of the Maitreya Mesh Body in Second Life.

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