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Shane Spero is a talented artist and photographer who has always had a latent desire for photography and art since high school. However, life circumstances derailed his pursuit of these passions until he started his adventure into SL photography back in 2020.

Virtual photography opened up a whole new universe for him, where creativity is endless and only limited by the extent of one’s imagination. Shane’s preferred destination is the virtual world, where he loves taking pictures of scenes, but his favorite is capturing a person’s avatar in its most natural state when they are unaware. He aims to capture their essence in how he perceives them to be.

Shane’s inspiration for his solo exhibition, “The Art of Madness”, comes from his long-time fascination with the Joker, his favorite character. For a long time, he wondered what the backstory of the Joker would be if there were to be one. Then he saw the movie with Joaquin Phoenix, which gave the psychological profile of the Joker and his history, and it really grabbed him and inspired him.

The movie showed why the Joker became such a brutal character – his deprived life, feeling isolated, a tortured soul, an outsider of humanity, and the incredibly deep sadness that led to his insanity. Joaquin Phoenix’s powerful performance brought the Joker to life, and Shane could empathize with him, not with the violence, but why he cracked and became the savage villain he was.

Shane’s favorite pictures in the gallery include Night Call”, inspired by the song by Kavinsky, which projects a dark and powerful vibe,

“Night Call” by Shane Spero

and “Behind the Mask”, which translates the lonely feeling of pain and vulnerability in secret.

“Behind the Mask” by Shane Spero

“Hollow” portrays the hopeless desolation of the soul in broad daylight,

“Hollow” by Shane Spero

and “Madness” is about letting the freak flag fly, total wild mania.

“Madness” by Shane Spero

Emotionally, Shane views art as grounding, especially when he feels stressed or needs to recharge. It’s calming and brings an inner sense of fulfillment and good vibrations, making it the only thing that makes him feel good at the deepest level. It’s the most natural place to put his energy, and that’s why it’s essential to him.

In May 2022, Shane participated in the Vibes Art Gallery group exhibition, “Almost Blue”, and in February 2023, he showcase his solo exhibition, “The Art of Madness”, at the Artsville Gallery. While Shane does not believe he has one particular signature yet when it comes to putting his mark on photography/art, he likes to think of himself as eclectic, exploring new techniques and different styles, and enjoying the process of learning.

Join us for an immersive experience into the creative mind of the artist as he takes you on a journey that explores the boundaries of sanity.

Artist Biography

“Photography had been a latent desire of mine since my high school years, and art was something I felt innately drawn to pursue in life. However, circumstances derailed my artistic aspirations for some time. Nonetheless, in 2020, I began my journey into SL photography, realizing that virtual photography opened up a whole different universe for me. Regardless of the resources one may or may not have to travel to the best destinations, in the virtual world, creativity is boundless, limited only by the extent of one’s imagination. Therefore, the virtual realm has become my preferred destination for photography.

My favorite subjects to photograph are scenes, but I find capturing an avatar in its most natural state to be the most enjoyable. I like to photograph avatars when they are not posing for the camera and are unaware, as I aim to capture their essence as I perceive them to be. While I do not believe I have developed one particular signature style for my photography/art, others may disagree. I prefer to think of myself as eclectic, always exploring new techniques and different styles, and essentially enjoying the learning process.”

The exhibition is held at Artsville Gallery, located in the heart of Second Life’s Caribbean Ocean region.

Artisville Curators: Frank Atisso & Jerzzie Reece-Redstar

Location: Artsville Gallery, Second Life

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the power of art in action!

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