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Amidst the dynamic landscape of Second Life, where digital innovation harmonizes with artistic expression, I am thrilled to acquaint you with the imminent BLUE SL EVENT. The brainchild of the visionary Emilia Blue, this event is poised to illuminate an invigorating paradigm within the realm of virtual shopping. A harmonious blend of technology, design, and community, BLUE SL EVENT holds the aspiration of emerging as a pivotal nexus for both creators and aficionados. It endeavors to showcase Emilia’s distinctive vision to designers and shoppers alike.

Step into the world of BLUE SL EVENT as we delve into an exclusive interview with Emilia Blue, the visionary founder and CEO. With a decade of Second Life experience, Emilia brings profound insights into the virtual realm’s dynamics. Join us in unraveling the genesis, aspirations, and unique offerings that distinguish BLUE SL EVENT. From its elegant architectural design to its commitment to fostering an inclusive community, our journey promises to illuminate the limitless possibilities when creativity, innovation, and passion converge. Immerse yourself in the forthcoming conversation with Emilia Blue, a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to elevating the digital creator’s journey and crafting a seamless, immersive shopping experience for all.

Interview with Emilia Blue, Founder and CEO of BLUE SL EVENT

What is the exact date and time of the opening of BLUE SL EVENT, and how can visitors participate? Emilia Blue: Opening is on October 16, 2023, at 10am SLT. Our future visitors can stay tuned to our
social media channels to know the exact moment of the opening or join our in-world
group. I’m leaving the group entry key here and the link to all our social media platforms.
Contact Blue SL Event
BLUE VIP Group key: secondlife:///app/group/5649c060-b1d7-2d75-c944-80a468ad5dfe/about

Emilia, can you tell us about the concept and theme behind BLUE SL EVENT, and how it aims
to provide a unique shopping experience in Second Life?

Emilia Blue: BLUE is born as a project where we blend technological advancements and digital
marketing to boost digital creators, many of whom have their life’s work on the grid and
manage it with dedication and respect. That’s why the goal of Blue SL Event is to provide
the necessary support for our Designers, making them feel accompanied in promoting
and achieving satisfying sales of their products. This will make the shopping experience
for our visitors easy and user-friendly because they will have abundant information
before entering the event, thanks to the significant effort we will put into advertising
campaigns for each round.

As a brand visibility platform, what specific benefits do you offer to designers and
creators who participate in the event?

Emilia Blue: As a brand visibility platform, Blue SL Event offers several specific benefits to designers
and creators participating in the event:

Exposure to a wide target audience: Blue SL Event attracts a diverse audience
passionate about fashion and design. Participants have the opportunity to
showcase their creations to potential customers, followers, and industry

Networking and collaboration opportunities: During the event, designers and
creators can establish connections with other professionals in the industry,
including buyers, distributors, and press. These relationships may lead to future
collaborations and joint projects.

Promotion through digital media: Blue SL Event has a strong online and social
media presence. Participants can benefit from media coverage of the event,
increasing their visibility and reach in the fashion industry.

Feedback and recognition: By showcasing their creations at such a significant
event, designers and creators receive valuable feedback from the audience and
fashion experts. Additionally, the event often includes awards and recognition
that can propel participants’ careers.

Exclusive Products: Blue SL Event stands out for featuring exclusive products,
ensuring that designers present unique creations without prior releases. It
strictly adheres to virtual design policies (inworld), promoting ethical
competition and fostering creative innovation. This combination offers a fair and
solid platform to boost sales and reputation in the virtual fashion industry.

In summary, Blue SL Event provides a comprehensive platform that helps designers and
creators gain visibility, establish crucial contacts in the industry, receive valuable
feedback, and enhance their business opportunities and professional growth. The
opportunity to present exclusive products at the event incentivizes creativity and creates
an environment conducive to the participants’ success.

Could you elaborate on the elegant and minimalist building design of BLUE SL EVENT
and how it complements the surrounding natural environment?

Emilia Blue: The Blue SL Event building, designed by the renowned architect Colpo Wexler (Dario
, will be a masterpiece of elegant and minimalist design that will captivate event
attendees. At this moment, construction is in progress, and significant progress can be
seen in the following link: Building Blue SL Event – Colpo Wexler.

The building will be located amidst lush natural landscaping, where nature reigns with
tall trees providing freshness and shade. An environment filled with green and blue will
create an oasis of tranquility, akin to a park, immersed within a bustling city.

Attendees will feel surrounded by nature while enjoying the event experience. The
structure will feature a circular design, which will not only be visually appealing but also
ingeniously planned to facilitate the movement of visitors.

This circular layout will allow attendees to navigate effortlessly between different stands,
optimizing the touring experience and ensuring all exhibitors have equitable visibility.
The circular design also serves a fundamental practical purpose: it will enable visitors to
aim their cameras at different stands from multiple angles, providing them with the
opportunity to appreciate and examine products in greater detail.

This will facilitate seamless shopping without the risk of making mistakes, as attendees
can observe products from various perspectives before making a purchase decision.
With each passing day, the Blue SL Event building comes closer to completion. It won’t
be long before construction concludes, and we can set it in motion.

We are thrilled to welcome attendees on October 16, 2023, for them to enjoy a unique
and exclusive experience in an inspiring and welcoming environment, surrounded by the
beauty of nature that complements the elegance of the event.

We’ll soon be ready to bring Blue SL Event to life and surprise everyone with the
excellence of design and creativity showcased at this highly anticipated event!

Who is the renowned digital architect behind the creation of BLUE SL EVENT, and
what inspired the choice of Colpo Wexler for this project?

Emilia Blue: The renowned architect behind the creation of BLUE SL EVENT is Dario Buratti, better
known in Second Life as Colpo Wexler. Colpo is widely recognized for his high proficiency
in digital architecture and his experience in building events within the platform.
The choice of Colpo Wexler for this project arose from his impressive resume and proven
skills in designing virtual spaces. During several meetings between Colpo and myself, the
event organizer, we had the opportunity to discuss the vision and dreams I had for BLUE
The initial ideas for the event were diverse and, at times, scattered, but Colpo was able
to grasp and precisely understand what I wanted to convey with this project. His
expertise and talent allowed him to organize and give shape to those ideas, finding the
essence of my dreams and embodying them in an elegant and minimalist architectural
The collaboration between Colpo and me was crucial in achieving the exceptional result
of BLUE SL EVENT. His ability to translate my ideas into a tangible and aesthetically
appealing design, considering the surrounding natural environment, was impressive.

How has the team worked together to ensure a user-friendly and cutting-edge design
for the shopping location, and what features can visitors look forward to experiencing?

Emilia Blue: The BLUE SL EVENT team has worked closely with our Architect, Colpo Wexler, to ensure
a user-friendly and cutting-edge design in the shopping area. The logical arrangement of
stands and aisles will facilitate navigation, while the integration of nature will create a
visually pleasing and relaxing experience. Visitors will encounter an innovative and
sophisticated shopping location, where the elegance of the design merges with
functionality to offer a unique shopping experience.

What led you, the founder and CEO of BLUE SL EVENT, to embark on this
venture, and how has her ten-year experience in Second Life influenced the project’s

Emilia Blue: As the founder and CEO of BLUE SL EVENT, I embarked on this venture with a clear vision
of creating an exceptional virtual fashion event. With ten years of experience in Second
Life, I understood the importance of combining design, creativity, and an immersive
experience for both designers and visitors. My goal is to provide a comprehensive
platform that stands out in the virtual fashion community.

How has the team’s engagement with designers and the broader Second Life
community helped in shaping BLUE SL EVENT and fostering a stable and supportive

Emilia Blue: The constant interaction of our team with designers and the Second Life community has
been crucial in shaping BLUE SL EVENT and creating a strong and supportive community.
We listen to their ideas, promote collaboration, and take their feedback into account,
which has strengthened the event and fostered a positive environment for the growth
of virtual fashion in Second Life.

What unique aspects of the in-world presence of BLUE SL EVENT set it apart from
other shopping events in Second Life?

Emilia Blue: At BLUE SL EVENT, we are thrilled to introduce a unique shopping destination in Second
Life where aspiring designers will have the opportunity to showcase their exclusive
creations. Our event stands out by providing an exceptional shopping and entertainment
experience for our visitors, made possible by the talented designers who make up our
team in each round.
Unique aspects that set us apart include:

Exclusive Creations: We value the originality and exclusivity of our future
designers’ creations. We empower them to develop unique products not found
in other Second Life stores, ensuring a diverse and exciting offering for our

Variety of Products: While we don’t have a specific theme, we encourage our
future designers to explore a wide range of styles and genres. From fashion to
decor and accessories, we aim to offer a varied selection that appeals to different
tastes and preferences.

Attention to Quality: As we build our team of designers, we carefully select those
with high-quality standards in their creations. We want every product presented
at BLUE SL EVENT to be well-crafted and detail-oriented, providing a satisfying
shopping experience.

Cozy Spaces: Our team focuses on creating an inviting and welcoming
environment for BLUE SL EVENT visitors. While there might not be a central
theme, we strive to maintain a pleasant atmosphere that is easy to navigate,
ensuring our attendees enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Community Promotion: BLUE SL EVENT is a place where aspiring designers and
Second Life enthusiasts come together to share their passion for fashion and
creativity. We foster a united and collaborative community, creating a friendly
and enriching environment for everyone involved.

We are excited to open our doors in October and welcome the talented designers who
will be part of our team. We believe their creativity and passion will be the heart of our
event, providing an unparalleled shopping experience for all Second Life enthusiasts. We
eagerly look forward to discovering the exciting creations our future designers will
present in each round of BLUE SL EVENT!

Could you provide more details about the location of BLUE SL EVENT and how its
surroundings contribute to the overall shopping experience?

Emilia Blue: The location of BLUE SL EVENT will be carefully designed to provide a unique and
immersive shopping experience. Our construction team will strive to create an open and
organized layout for the shops of our future designers, with the possibility of
incorporating themed areas for special occasions, common spaces to relax and socialize,
natural landscapes, and an easily navigable arrangement. All of these elements will
contribute to an immersive and enjoyable shopping experience for our visitors. We want
each visit to be exciting, and we want attendees to relish the diversity of exclusive
creations offered by our designers in a welcoming and attractive setting. We are eager
to open the event and welcome all Second Life enthusiasts to this thrilling shopping

How does the team plan to maintain the momentum and success of the event
beyond the opening date, and are there any future plans or expansions in the works?

Emilia Blue: To maintain the momentum and success of BLUE SL EVENT beyond the opening date,
our team has several plans and strategies in place:

Regular Updates: We plan to conduct periodic updates of the event with new
rounds and designers. This will ensure a constant rotation of exclusive and
exciting products for our visitors, keeping the interest and excitement alive with
each new edition.

Active Community Engagement: Our team is committed to maintaining an active
and engaged community around BLUE SL EVENT. Through social media, Second
Life groups, and other platforms, we will continue to interact with our followers,
gather feedback, and suggestions to continuously improve the event experience.

Collaborations and Special Events: To sustain interest and participation, we
intend to collaborate with other events and organizations in Second Life. We will
also host special events and themed activities to provide a unique and thrilling
experience for our attendees.

Expansion of Shopping Venue: We aspire to expand the BLUE SL EVENT shopping
venue to accommodate up to 120 locations in the not-so-distant future. This
expansion will allow us to offer more space to designers and visitors, increase the
variety of available products, and enhance the overall experience.

Continuous Promotion: To maintain the success of BLUE SL EVENT, we will
continue promoting the event consistently and effectively. In addition to social
media, we will utilize paid advertising platforms to expand our reach and attract
a broader and diverse audience.

In summary, the BLUE SL EVENT team is committed to sustaining the momentum and
success of the event through regular updates, an active community, collaborations, an
expanded shopping venue, and a robust marketing strategy that includes paid
advertising. Our long-term vision is to grow and offer an exciting and sustainable
shopping and entertainment experience for all Second Life enthusiasts. We are excited
about the future of the event and look forward to continuing to grow and provide the
best for our community of designers and visitors.

Can you share any exciting collaborations or exclusive products that visitors can
look forward to discovering during the event?

Emilia Blue: At BLUE SL EVENT, visitors can expect exciting special collaborations, exclusive products,
and limited editions offered by our designers. Although we are still in the team formation
stage, we will be regularly sharing information about these updates on all our social
media platforms. We invite the public to follow us to stay informed about all the news
regarding our event and discover the thrilling surprises we have in store!

How can potential designers, shoppers, and enthusiasts connect with BLUE SL
EVENT and stay updated on its latest developments and activities?

Emilia Blue: Designers, buyers, and potential enthusiasts can connect with BLUE SL EVENT and stay
updated on its latest developments and activities through the following ways:

Website: Our website will be constantly updated during the development of each
event round. There, they can find detailed information about participating
designers, opening dates, themes, and other relevant news.

Social Media: All our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr, are continuously sharing our progress. Through
these platforms, we share updates on building construction, news about
confirmed designers, and exciting details about exclusive products and

With these tools, BLUE SL EVENT will maintain constant and transparent communication
with the community of designers, buyers, and Second Life enthusiasts, providing them
with the opportunity to closely follow the event’s development and stay informed about
everything we have prepared. We invite them to join us on our platforms to be part of
this exciting shopping and entertainment experience in Second Life!

Is there any other additional information or insights about BLUE SL EVENT that you
would like to share with the Second Life community and beyond?

Emilia Blue: At BLUE SL EVENT, we will offer opportunities for new emerging talents and support
content creators. We will collaborate with bloggers and influencers to promote the
event. Our priority is to provide a unique shopping experience and continuously improve
through community feedback. BLUE SL EVENT will be a meeting point for the creative
community of Second Life. We look forward to everyone’s participation in our exciting

As a designer, what unique opportunities and benefits can BLUE SL EVENT offer in
terms of brand exposure and connecting with a broader audience?

Emilia Blue: BLUE SL EVENT provides designers with the opportunity to showcase their creations to
a global audience, establish connections with other industry professionals, receive direct
feedback from the community, and benefit from an extensive marketing campaign.
Participating in this event can be a significant boost for a designer’s brand and business
in the vibrant world of Second Life.

How have you ensured that participating designers have a hassle-free and
rewarding experience throughout the event, and what support systems are in place for

Emilia Blue: We have established a robust support infrastructure to ensure that participating
designers have a seamless and rewarding experience throughout the event. Our goal is
to provide them with all the necessary tools and resources to effectively showcase their
creations and enjoy a positive experience at BLUE SL EVENT. The satisfaction and success
of our designers are essential to the overall success of the event, and we strive to make
this an unforgettable experience for all of them.

Are there any special incentives or promotional packages available for designers to
showcase their products at BLUE SL EVENT?

Emilia Blue: Yes, at BLUE SL EVENT, we offer special incentives and promotional packages for
designers who wish to showcase their products. These include advertising packages,
featured collaborations, early access, extra prims for their stands, and mentions in
special activities. Our goal is to provide attractive and beneficial opportunities for
designers to stand out and have a rewarding experience at the event. We work closely
with designers to customize the packages according to their goals and expectations.

For shoppers, what exclusive rewards, discounts, or loyalty programs can they look
forward to during their shopping experience at BLUE SL EVENT?

Emilia Blue: Buyers can expect a variety of exclusive rewards, discounts, and loyalty programs that
will enhance their experience and provide them with additional incentives to explore
and support the participating designers. Some of these rewards include:

Exclusive Discounts: BLUE SL EVENT will offer special discounts on selected
products during certain moments of the event. Buyers will be able to obtain
exclusive items at reduced prices, allowing them to acquire unique products at
attractive prices.

Gifts and Giveaways: Some designers may offer special gifts and giveaways to
event visitors. These could be free or token-priced items, as a way of thanking
buyers for their support.

Limited-Time Offers: During certain moments of the event, there might be time limited offers that encourage buyers to make quick decisions. These special offers
will add an exciting and urgent element to the shopping experience.

Events and Raffles: BLUE SL EVENT could host special events and raffles during
the event, where buyers will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes or
receive additional discounts on their purchases.

Early Access: Some loyalty programs might grant the most loyal buyers early
access to stores and products before the official opening. This will allow them to
be the first ones to discover the latest releases and acquire exclusive products.

In summary, BLUE SL EVENT aims to offer an exciting and rewarding shopping experience
for buyers. Through exclusive rewards, special discounts, loyalty programs, and exciting
events, we seek to show appreciation to our buyers and foster their loyalty, providing
them with additional incentives to explore and enjoy the best our designers have to offer.
We hope buyers find many rewarding surprises during their participation in BLUE SL

With a focus on creating a user-friendly environment, what measures have been
taken to enhance the shopping experience for visitors, ensuring they can navigate and
explore the event effortlessly?

Emilia Blue: To create a user-friendly environment at BLUE SL EVENT, we have taken measures to
enhance the shopping experience:

Book Coverage: We will provide buyers with a “book coverage” or digital catalog
showcasing the different items available at the event. This catalog will be
available on our website and various paid platforms. This way, buyers can arrive
at the event with knowledge of product prices and their locations within the

Store Categorization: We will classify stores into relevant categories to help
visitors easily find what they are looking for.

Rest and Socialization Areas: We have created rest areas for relaxation and

Clear Signage: Eye-catching signage will guide visitors throughout the event.

Customer Support: Our attentive team will be available to assist visitors with any

Access to Online Information: We will provide updated details on our website.

Interactive Events and Activities: We will organize activities for an enriching and
entertaining experience.

Our goal is to make the shopping experience at BLUE SL EVENT enjoyable, satisfying, and
memorable for all attendees.

Emilia, can you share any plans for hosting interactive activities, contests, or live events
during the shopping event to engage both designers and shoppers?

Emilia Blue: We have exciting plans for BLUE SL EVENT, including:

Contests to give away products in collaboration with different designers.

Hosting live performances to provide entertainment to our visitors. Our goal is to
create an exciting and engaging shopping experience for all attendees. We are
thrilled to offer interactive activities and special events that involve both
designers and buyers. We hope you enjoy a unique and memorable experience
at the event!

In terms of marketing and advertising, how will BLUE SL EVENT be promoted to
attract a diverse and large audience of designers and shoppers?

Emilia Blue:

Social Media and Flickr Marketing: We will actively use our social media platforms,
such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, to disseminate information about the
event, share updates, highlight participating designers, and create excitement within the
Second Life community.
Paid Advertising: We will invest in paid advertising campaigns on relevant platforms
within Second Life, allowing us to reach a broader and more diverse audience. We will
use banners, magazine ads, and other advertising formats to promote the event.
Collaborations with Bloggers and Influencers: We will establish partnerships with
bloggers and influencers within Second Life to share content about the event on their
channels and reach their followers. Their influence will help us amplify our message and
attract new interested parties.
Coverage in Specialized Media: We will seek media coverage in blogs, magazines, and
websites specialized in fashion and events within Second Life. This will increase our
visibility and credibility among our target audience.
Promotion in Groups and Communities: We will announce the event in relevant
groups and communities within Second Life, where we know there is an audience
interested in shopping and fashion events.
Strategic Partnerships: We will establish alliances with other events and companies
within Second Life to cross-promote and increase our exposure.
Informative Website: We will have an informative and visually appealing website that
showcases details about the event, participating designers, product catalog, and activity

Our marketing strategy will focus on reaching a wide and diverse audience, attracting
both designers and buyers interested in fashion, shopping, and high-quality events in
Second Life. With these actions, we hope to generate enthusiasm and active
participation in BLUE SL EVENT, ensuring a successful and enriching experience for all

Are there any plans for collaborations with popular brands or influencers in Second
Life to enhance the event’s visibility and appeal to potential participants?

Emilia Blue: Yes, we have plans for collaborations with popular brands and influencers in Second Life
to increase the visibility of the event and attract more designers and buyers. These
collaborations will include design partnerships, cross-promotion, special invitations,
contests and giveaways, and special events. Our goal is to leverage these partnerships to
reach a wider audience and enrich the experience of all participants in BLUE SL EVENT.

What strategies have been employed to ensure that BLUE SL EVENT stands out
among other shopping events in Second Life and becomes a must-visit destination for

Emilia Blue: To ensure that the “Blue SL” event stands out among other shopping events in Second
Life and becomes a must-visit destination for buyers, several strategies will be
implemented. Some of them are:

Appealing Theme: Define an attractive and unique theme for each edition of the
event. An interesting theme can grab users’ attention and create a special
ambiance for the shopping experience.

Quality Exhibitors and Products: Carefully select exhibitors and ensure they offer
high-quality and innovative products. This guarantees that buyers find unique
and valuable items during the event.

Advertising and Promotion: Carry out an effective advertising and promotion
strategy in Second Life and other digital media. Use social media, blogs, shopping
websites, and relevant forums to reach a wide audience and generate excitement
about the event.

Special Offers and Discounts: Provide exclusive offers, discounts, or free gifts to
buyers during the event. This encourages participation and creates a sense of
urgency so that visitors won’t want to miss out on unique buying opportunities.

Special Events and Entertainment: Organize live events, talks, fashion shows, or
contests related to the event’s theme. Provide additional entertainment and
activities to keep buyers engaged and excited during their visit.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Establish collaborations with other popular
events in Second Life or well-known brands to increase visibility and attract new

User-Friendly Navigation and Experience: Design an event location that is easy to
navigate, with an intuitive and accessible layout. Provide a pleasant and well-organized environment to enhance the user experience.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Collect feedback from buyers and
exhibitors after the event to identify areas for improvement and continuously
refine the “Blue SL” event in future editions.

Community Experience: Encourage community participation in the event,
whether through forums, chat groups, or social media, to create a sense of
community and belonging around the “Blue SL” event.

By employing these strategies, the “Blue SL” event will stand out among other shopping
events in Second Life and attract a broader audience of enthusiastic buyers.

Emilia, how will the success and impact of BLUE SL EVENT be measured, and what
feedback mechanisms are in place to continuously improve the event based on the
participants’ experiences?

Emilia Blue: The success and impact of the “Blue SL” event will be measured through metrics such as
participant satisfaction, the number of visitors, sales and conversions, as well as social
media analysis and reviews. Satisfaction surveys will be implemented, feedback will be
collected on-site during the event, and an internal evaluation by the organizing team will
be conducted. The gathered feedback will be used to continuously improve the event in
future editions, taking into account the suggestions and areas for improvement

For shoppers, what type of products and design styles can they expect to find at
BLUE SL EVENT, and how will the event cater to diverse tastes and preferences?

Emilia Blue: Buyers will find a wide variety of products and design styles at the event. This includes
fashion, home decor, art, skins and appearances, animations, technology, virtual toys,
and pets. Diversity and satisfaction of tastes will be ensured through a curated selection
of exhibitors representing different genres, styles, and cultures. Additionally, the event
will be organized into distinct areas to facilitate navigation. Inclusion and representation
of diverse communities will also be promoted.

How will BLUE SL EVENT foster a sense of community among designers and
shoppers, encouraging them to return for future events and activities?

Emilia Blue: At BLUE SL EVENT, we foster a sense of community between designers and buyers
through an interactive virtual space and opportunities to meet the designers behind
their incredible and exclusive creations. Additionally, we have created two VIP groups on
social media and inworld, where members can appreciate and comment on the products
in each round and enjoy the photographic work of our BLUE team bloggers. We also offer
exclusive promotions and actively seek feedback to improve the experience and
encourage participants to return for future events.

Are there any plans for post-event promotions or follow-up activities to sustain
interest and engagement even after the event has concluded?

Emilia Blue: Yes, we have plans for post-event promotions and follow-up activities that maintain the
interest and engagement of the community. We utilize social media, VIP groups, and
themed activities to sustain commitment and connect designers and buyers after the
event. Additionally, we take into account the opinions of participants to improve future

Dear Emilia, I want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time to participate in this extended interview, shedding light on the exciting and innovative venture that is BLUE SL EVENT.

Your insights into the event’s conception, mission, and vision have provided a comprehensive understanding of the unique experience you aim to create within the Second Life community.

Your unwavering dedication to nurturing digital creators and designers within the virtual domain is indeed laudable. While I acknowledge the plethora of events and shopping avenues present in Second Life, your distinctive approach in cultivating a community spirit, offering steadfast support to designers, and extending warm inclusivity to bloggers and customers is a testament to your team’s resolute commitment. Your emphasis on quality and meticulous attention to detail further underscores your team’s profound dedication to forging an environment that transforms participants into valued contributors, thereby enhancing the event’s overall triumph.

I firmly believe that the digital creator market in Second Life has boundless potential, and your efforts to provide a platform that ensures designers’ brands are showcased effectively, while also offering a delightful experience for visitors, truly underscores this belief.

Given the comprehensive nature of the interview, I am brimming with a profound and authentic enthusiasm as I extend a sincere invitation to our esteemed readers, accomplished designers, and discerning shoppers for the momentous opening of the BLUE SL EVENT on October 16, 2023. I wholeheartedly urge each one of you to fully engage in the splendid magnificence of this imminent occasion, as it stands as a true testament to creativity, community, and the embodiment of an exceptionally remarkable brand.

I extend my sincere gratitude once more, Emilia, for the insightful interview. Furthermore, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to you and the entire BLUE SL EVENT team for embarking on a journey that promises fruitful collaborations with esteemed designers, envisions a thriving attendance, and undoubtedly anticipates remarkable success in your upcoming event!

Violet Boa, Virtuality

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