Group Gifts

There are three amazing stores that are offering top-notch products specifically for their group members. Keep reading to find out about these incredible gifts and how you can get them for yourself.

1. Ghost Ink – Mesmerizing Tattoos for All

Teleport to Ghost Ink

Ghost Ink is a renowned brand for its sophisticated and essential tattoo designs that showcase your distinctive style. They are now offering a stunning tattoo that enhances the beauty of your breasts, perfect for those who want to express themselves and embrace their unique look

Join the Ghost Ink group and head over to their store to claim your breast-highlighting tattoo. The group offers several other tattoos as well, making it a must-join for all tattoo enthusiasts.

Ghost Ink Group:

2. Astralia – A Feast for Your Feet

Teleport to Astralia

Are you interested in footwear that resembles delectable pastries? Look no further than Astralia! This amazing store is offering a free pair of stunning “tasty” shoes embellished with tempting treats. Not only are they stylish accessories, but also a visual treat.

To claim this delectable footwear, join the Astralia group and make your way to their store. Keep in mind that Astralia offers one exclusive gift per month, so be sure to keep an eye out for future surprises.

Astralia Group:

3. Enchanté – Step into Barbie’s World

Teleport to Enchanté

Enchanté is giving away Barbie-style flat shoes that will make you feel like you’re stepping straight into the movie itself. These whimsical and fashionable shoes are perfect for expressing your love for the iconic character.

Join the Enchanté group and discover an entire wall dedicated to group gifts. It’s a treasure trove for all fashionistas and movie enthusiasts alike.

Enchanté Group:

Be sure not to miss out on these incredible gifts! Simply join the appropriate groups, visit the stores, and get your hands on top-notch items today. It’s important to note that each store has its own unique and thrilling offerings for group members, so take the time to explore them all.

Happy shopping, and enjoy your newfound fabulous fashion items in Second Life!

Please note that the mentioned costs are subject to change and it’s always a good practice to double-check before joining any group.

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