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Friday, Jan 20 – 12 pm SLT

Fly Kugin – will be playing on the beach in the Akipelago.

Fly Kugin is a professional violinist who will make your toes tap and your soul sing with her amazing music. She performs traditional improvisation & Jazz, as well as Rock and Pop tunes. With the help of high-quality instrumental tracks, Fly adds her violin to make beautiful music. So, whether you are looking for traditional classical violin pieces, Broadway tunes, Tango, movie soundtracks or the Scorpions, Queen, Sinatra or Leonard Cohen, Fly and her violin will make your heart soar!

Our cheerful welcome!


Musician Press-Info/Biography

Fly Kugin is a music teacher and a violinist who has been playing violin professionally in RL since 2007. She has performed in countless concerts, and has also composed and played music for theater plays and short films.

Fly Kugin played in jazz and rock bands in Turkey and Seattle, WA., attended many open mic. stages in the US., performing American Rock, Jazz and Blues music on stage with local musicians at jams in Redmond, Kirkland, Downtown Seattle and Portland.

Fly Kugin, as a professional violin performer, has been streaming into Second Life since September 2019. She has been playing solo performance at several venues and also for charity events. She performs improvisation, Musicals & Soundtracks, Jazz & Rock genres and classics from different time periods from various artists, as well as some of her originals.

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