Sat. 7th Jan. 2023 2023年1月7日(土)夜23:00開演
6:00 am PDT=SLT / 15:00 CET / 23:00 JST start

The Akipelago presents,

artistic fusion 音とアートの即興共演

Kerupa Flow & Rulie Cisse  

For Saturday’s performance, we would like to present the second edition of the YMO performance “PLATONIC PLEASURE”, which we performed at GrandBlue a year ago.

We will be thrillingly performing with Kerupa’s light performance with real-time improvisational expressions on the backings of fascinating YMO pieces arranged by Kerupa.


土曜日の公演は、1年前にGrandBlueで公演をおこないましたYMO公演「PLATONIC PLEASURE」の第2回を行いたいと思います。魅惑のYMOの作品をアレンジしたバッキングに、リアルタイムの即興表現を加えてスリリングにKerupaさんの光のパフォーマンスと共演させていただきます。

RULIE CISSE YouTube channel
4K live broadcast URL

Our cheerful welcome for the beauty of art and music!

AKIPELAGO Kerupa Stage | in meta-verse “Second Life”

Rulie Cisseは、より高質な演奏表現をリアルタイムに皆様へお届けし続けていくために、

Rulie Cisse is developing her performance activities with the goal of realizing the monetization of her YouTube channel in order to continue to provide you with higher quality performance expressions in real time. Thanks to your warm viewing of our videos, we were able to meet the requirements for video playback time this spring, and we thank you very much for your support. The only thing left to do is to “achieve 1,000 subscribers,” and we will be more proactive in developing new expressions and collaborations. We are looking forward to your continued support.

Google Calendar – To check the performance schedule 公演スケジュール最新版

Facebook – Twitter

Internet Radio

 *24 hours non-stop free continuous broadcasting, irregular updates.
 (Can also be streamed to Second Life land.)

 RULIE CISSE Management Office in Second Life
Inquiries about fan group participation and performances in inworld


All cover songs arranged and performed by: Rulie Cisse
All copyrights to the original tunes belong to: Project Legato (Katsushi Sakamoto)
Use without permission of the right holder is strictly prohibited.

Violet Boa – Akipelago PR & Art Promotion

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