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I finally managed to use the 300 L$ credit offered (until tomorrow) by Addams, the famous clothing store. The shop is providing credit to all its group members with which it is possible to buy clothes at the main store. Of course, as you can imagine, many people are trying to collect this credit. So the store is often full, and it is difficult to move. Above all, it is challenging to be able to get to the panel inside the shop where customers can get the credit, and for this reason, I recommend you to control if you got the credit when you try to buy an item. I didn’t get any message, so I didn’t know if I got the credit.

Once you collected the credit to purchase what interests you, right-click on the object you want to buy, choose Menuwait for a window to open where you can select the “buy with store credit.” In this way, you see your credit (I had 640 L$, maybe because I collected a credit in the past and I didn’t know).

Instagram Story


Addams Store

Addams Group: secondlife:///app/group/a1051d3c-1951-d4e1-995b-bdb1ecace388/about

How I used my credit

Addams // Paris Sequins Short Dress (250 L$)

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