Can you fall in love with a destination? If it is possible, I think I have fallen in love. It was love at first sight, of those who take you suddenly and to which you can’t give a logical explanation. Maybe, I say maybe, Ghosts of Jericho touches some of the strings of the soul. Who knows.

Ghosts of Jericho is the installation created by Elizabeth Jewell for the stage part and Electric Monday for the sound.
The Sim Quarterly hosts the installation: homestead made available by the same Electric Monday for artists who desire to expose their creativity.
The installations change every three months to give space to a good number of artists to express themselves and, at the same time, to allow visitors to have the necessary time to appreciate the works hosted.

At the landing point, a notecard greets the visitor: it introduces the artistic project of The Sim Quarterly and clarifies the rules of the location.

One aspect that bloggers and photographers will find very interesting is that joining the group makes it possible to have rez rights: keep in mind an auto-return every 30 minutes.
Moreover, photographers and bloggers are invited to share their images on the dedicated Flickr group.
The narration that season the installation with charm and mystery is available on The Sim Quarterly website.
I recall here some passages to give the reader a complete view.

The Sim Quarterly is proud to welcome Ghosts of Jericho, a scenic installation designed, curated, and posed by Elizabeth Jewell, with an original soundscape concept and experience by Electric Monday.

The Jericho Ferry leaves The Sim Quarterly dock soon and heads to Jericho. The ferry master will give you all the tips you need as she guides you into your ferryboat before your trip (TP) to Jericho.

Explore this curiously eerie and desolate but beautiful island with your sounds on. Listen carefully as you wander—you may “meet” some of the Ghosts of Jericho… Wander around on foot to discover the various Ghosts of Jericho.

They are also known to communicate through common methods, as you may discover in the boathouse. No one is around now, but Jericho was once a thriving lighthouse island, even written up in many travel magazines as a secluded weekend getaway for fishers, hikers, and spelunkers. Oh, do you have your spelunking gear—you’ll most likely find that it comes in hand here, so pack accordingly!

TAKEN FROM The Sim Quarterly Official Site


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