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35 thoughts on “HOME MAKEOVER – Second Life

  1. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and to Naria for yet another amazing project and video. Just to answer a few questions raised here 🙂 I am one of the very rare landcape/interior designers who give my edit rights to my clients. This means that you are able to move my things around, resize/modify them or return anything not needed. I will undertake most jobs, from simply removing or texturing walls, to full 30,000 prim sims. I work for the love of it and simply to cover my costs, so my rates are surprisingly reasonable. Someone asked about what happens if you move, I can pack the full build into a rez box which obviously I cannot transfer, but it does mean that I can re rez out on diffrent land at a fraction of the cost of doing a complete redesign/build. Please feel free to contact me inworld with any questions or for an informal chat or if I can help with anything. I will also provide a discount for Naria's subscribers 🙂 Again many thanks for the lovely comments and I'll go get on with finishing the other home make over 🙂 China x

  2. Amazing makeover Ellie must feel so proud. What I am wondering though will all the furniture etc be in China's name so not directly owned by Ellie and if Ellie moved could she take it all with her?

  3. Mind blown at what can be done with that amount of prims. It looks lush and full even with out all the other details. Super impressed . Makes me want see how much China would charge me to redo my linden home lol.

  4. I know it takes a ton to just do these video's so thank you so much I love watching all of them. China did such an amazing job. I am amazed at just how much you can do in second life. The sky is the limit. That can not come cheap to do something like that but it is something I would say be worth saving for if you wanted help. I don't know what to say cuz I am speechless so will end my babbling now. lol.

  5. Impressive makeover. A real tropical paradise. The perfect combination of building and surroundings. Awesome job China! Thank you Naria as well for great home project

  6. Amazing job! I know I'll keep China in mind should I ever need decorating/landscaping help. She's wonderful. Congrats to the winner, Ellie. Many thanks Naria.

  7. thank you to all involved the views are the reason i bought this parcel and im so happy i will enjoy my time here now its done ♥ so happy and proud of my land thank you china and joe for all you have done for me 🙂

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