Dedicated to all who would love to learn how to create skins for Second Life.
Anastasia Harlow uses Photoshop.

In her video description, you can read more details.

This is a tutorial on how I create skins for second life using photo-morphing methods.
Hopefully you find these tips useful!
I will be doing more in depth videos including using just the 2D templates that are available to everyone in world. You will NEED photoshop for this tutorial!
** I used the Velour templates in my video, if you have a store I would try applying for there dev kit. If not I will list some templates down below.
** Photoshop Used: Photoshop 22.1 (2020)
Picture I used:…
Full Perm Templates: Wildheart:…
Lady X:…
Come grab this skin inworld:…
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Anastasia Harlow
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