I didn’t mention in the last blog, and I should have: my custom workspaces. They’re a breeze to make in Blender 2.8x and I made quite a stack of them before gradually winnowing them to two. The default workspaces are good for everything else. As you can see in the various images, for rigging I like a workspace that has the 3D viewport to the left, a text editor just underneath for any explanations I think should go with the file, a full length panel for the Properties editor, and full length panel for the Outliner to the right. With a complex armature, the Outliner needs room.

Another small improvement – make the new too-thin scroll bars easier to see. That’s in Edit > Preferences > Themes > make a new Theme preset. Then User Interface > Scroll Bar and change the colors to whatever you see easily. for me, yellow with a blue outline, black text, everything else white, no transparency.

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