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Sauturday, 22th October – 1 PM SLT

Dear Art Lovers,

this Saturday DiXmiX Gallery will pay a last tribute to Serene Footman,

displaying 75 photos from his own retrospective (2019),

from the private collections of Nekonuko Nakamori and Dixmix

as well as a selection from the Furillen contest organized in 2016.

DJ for the party: Liam Neville

Our cheerful welcome for the beauty of art & music!

Dixmix Art Gallery Teleport

Isle of May

“While the real Isle of May has no permanent residents, our imagined Second Life version is home to a small group of artists, a lighthouse keeper and a ranger who takes care of the island’s birds and wildlife. The latter are the most outstanding feature of the sim, which is teeming with life – the soundscape alone is remarkable. Here you will find: gulls, puffins, guillemot, cormorants, Canada geese, otters, an orca, two dolphins, various ducks and swans, herons, cranes, osprey, pheasants, and a range of garden birds including various finches and songbirds, crows, kingfishers, and thrushes.

The sim is on two levels, with a beautiful, peaceful U-shaped cliff top area covered in vegetation and lower beaches on either side. The buildings on the sim are few: the main house stands at the centre of the sim, with a lighthouse and foghorn station to one side and the wildlife keeper’s office together with the ruins of St Adrian’s Chapel on the other. Down below, on small beaches, there are various buildings such as an old stone house, beach huts and a fisherman’s lodge. All around the island there is a wild sea crashing against rocks and cliffs. The sense of location is impressive.”

Excerpt from: FURILLEN

Reconstructed by Jade Koltai, as a tribute to her late partner, Serene Footman.

“Ecce, nunc in pulvere dormiam

et si mane me quaesieris, non subsistam.

One Memory For a last Goodbye.

To Serene.”

Jade Koltai

Dear art lovers please visit, Isle of May

Serene Footman

“Behold now I shall sleep in the dust, and if thou seek me in the morning, I shall not be.”

Serene Footman

Dear Jade,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful opportunity and permission to experience and admire the indescribable beauty of your artwork and creativity.

May you find comfort in all the precious memories you shared with Serene.

Dixmix Source  DiXmiX Art Gallery Lounge

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