Calypso Applewhite inaugurated yesterday, Saturday, January 18th, since 1 PM SLT, her new photo exhibition at the DiXmiX Art Gallery, owned and curated by Dixmix Source.
Due to various commitments, I was not able to be present at the opening, so I reserved an hour to visit it today, and I am pleased with my choice.
I have appreciated Caly for a long time, and, looking at the new photographs, I realize that she is continuing her “photographic experimentation.”

Caly Applewhite

The female avatar, often accompanied by face masks, seems to be a recurring element of the artist’s images.
If it were not for the (often) sad look of the avatar, I would say that masks give magnificence to the woman. However, the sad eyes in some images and the lost faces in others, do not provide me glory, but the idea of an “imposed” and not wanted role.
The mask would represent the role (could it be a social role?) and the face (sad or lost) of the woman her sense of helplessness in the face of such imposition.
I don’t know if Caly meant such an interpretation, I express the idea that this contrast (between the woman’s expression and her mask) arouses me.
The predominance of black and white, where black plays the primary role, also helps to convey the feeling I have just described.

Caly Applewhite

I admire Calypso’s use of light: often, all she needs is a single point of view to place it to give depth to the scene.
I recommend a visit to the Calypso Applewhite exhibition, which will be open until February 15th.

Me at DiXmiX Art Gallery visiting Caly’s exhibition

Fortunately, I met DiXmiX on the occasion of my visit that kindly gave me the calendar of upcoming exhibitions and openings.
Here it is for you!

  • Feb 1st – Moki Yuitza: Hyper Virtual (In the womb)
  • Feb 8th – S т σ я i є’ S Helendale (glitterprincess.destiny)
  • Feb 15th – Harbor Galaxy (Debbi Lombardo in flickr)
  • Feb 22th -Duna Gant

DiXmiX also explains to me that the theme for January is “almost black and white,” while the theme for February will be “painting spirit.”
Moreover, in March, Paola Mills will show her conceptual images, and in April, Melusina Parkin will show her exquisite minimalism.

→ Teleport to DiXmiX Art Gallery

DiXmiX Art Gallery

Caly Applewhite Flickr

Calypso Applewhite Flickr Gallery

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