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On 09/14/2018 Adwehe joined the Second Life community.

Adwehe believes that she would not function well without art.
Perceiving the works of others and creating things herself are essential for her.

She gets her inspiration from moments that move her deep inside, from interaction with others, or from her dreams, colors, nature, people or from the (virtual) exhibits. For Adwehe every medium that is available to her, be it (contemporary) art history or music as well as the magic of the moment are very inspiring.

Her work is about perpetual change, transformation, (in)stability, chaos, light, color, movement, slowness and different perspectives.

Strongly interested in functions of Second Life that works as a permanent platform, and where every single interaction is irreversible, there she finds the concept of time as very important.

As she said, she had dreamed of moving in her RL drawings, and for her SL is the perfect platform to realize this dream. In doing so, she is in constant exploration an ever changing drawing with lines, light and dark, color and whatever she can find to express herself.

Adwehe usually works on several projects at once, experimenting and creating things in the world and then taking them out again to rework them in reality, using and combining traditional and digital workflows.

With the mantra: “Be passionate and persistent, be yourself” and driven by the desire to be on a creative journey and express her feelings with the language of art and always with the desire to experience and learn new things, she pursues her great passion, thinking in big dimensions to realize her ideas.

I have known Adwehe for some time and I always experience her as a warm but also very reserved person. She always seems to be busy with the topics that bring her further in her artistic expression.

As a person she is someone who never puts herself in the foreground, someone who would not easily show her inner self to the outside…. and yet when she allows us to get a little closer, we find rich feelings and thoughts, emotions and ideas that inspire us and lead us into a strong emotional connection with her.

For me, her soul is reflected in her works, there I find versatility, clarity, sometimes chaos, often colorful and warm currents, shapes and lines that show a strong opinion, shadows and light that point to the amount of experiences.

I feel our friendship as a gift and I am very grateful for this wonderful interview dear, Adwehe.

Burn2 – Light Trees – Adwehe


Your life without art would be …

Adwehe: I don’t think I would function very well as a person, perceiving the works of others and creating things myself is essential to me. I probably would be dreaming a lot more then I do now if there was no art in my life.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Adwehe: This can be from almost everywhere and anything, physical or non-physical, a moment, an interaction, a thought or dream, colors, nature, people, worlds, (virtual) exhibits, just any medium available to me, of course (contemporary) art history, and always music. There are many creative people in SL and the magic of the moment can be so inspiring as well.

What is your work about?

Adwehe: Everlasting change, transformation, (in)stability, chaos, light, color, movement, slowness, different ways looking. The way SL works as a persistent platform where every single interaction is irreversible like in the real world interests me and in this way the concept of time is important to me. I have always fantasized really walking inside my RL drawings, like in a dream. SL is the perfect platform to realize this dream. I explore an ever changing drawing using lines, light and darkness, color and whatever I can find to express myself.

Maison D´Aneli – Dancing Lines – Adwehe

How is the artistic process like there? Do you see an object / person / landscape first and then the idea comes up? Or is it upside down?

Adwehe: Its both ways and its a pretty chaotic process, I am mostly working on multiple projects at the same time discovering a lot about the possibilities of SL. Experimenting to create things inworld and take them out again to rework them in RL combining traditional and digital work flows and vise versa. Sometimes I have a plan in advance, many times I just start something and see if it interests me enough, try to find something I can connect to, sometimes ending up where I never thought I would. Recycling and using older works helps to create a dialog.

Your mantra?

Adwehe: Be passionate and persistent, be yourself.

Currently, the best place for you in SL?

Adwehe: There are so many beautiful places to visit and explore in SL and Sims disappear and (re)emerge all the time, after that the best place for me is home sweet home, where I work and hang out with my friends.

A question that moves you right now …

Adwehe: I have been doing a lot of exploration on different forms of expression and the possibilities of SL and RL work flows both digital and analog and how they can be mixed lately. I am looking for ways to unify those more now, to take some time to bring all together in a more coherent way. To give an example, the first immersive installation called ‘Lucid Dreams’ I made almost a year ago was in a 64m by 64m cube at Vegetal Planet Gallery which is still there at present, this was a big challenge for me because of the size and my experience with that was limited. I managed to use many different elements like photography, sculpture, scripting, sound design, color, light and animation. So I want to focus more on immersive though I will keep painting.

Campbell Coast Artist Village – Crops in Black and White – Adwehe

Is there a work of art in your life that particularly impressed you?

Adwehe: I can’t answer that with just one work in mind. Some of the artists I value very close are Anish Kapoor, Cecily Brown and Mark Rothko. Also I was always fascinated by kinetic and light art.

What is art for you – now completely independent of the usual definitions?

Adwehe: Its like a thermometer of past present and future, a compass of our ways of perceiving and interacting with ourselves, each other and the world.

Was there a key experience or has the artist profession always been your dearest wish?

Adwehe: This has been with me for as long as I can remember.

What drives you?

Adwehe: Being on a journey.

Do you feel understood with your art?

Adwehe: I am not sure about that, sometimes I don’t even understand it myself, every individual person sees in their unique way and I don’t bother thinking about it as being art to much in the first place. Then again when on some level an object or thought moves me or keeps holding my attention for a little while, I am satisfied.

Janus Gallery – Black Mirror Musings – Adwehe

Do you think that you can make a difference with your art?

Adwehe: Probably not, still art is a very subjective experience. Some people said they could feel completely and wonderfully lost in it, being there in the moment, enjoying the constant changes. So maybe a little.

Do you think that everyone is an artist?

Adwehe: No, but I think most people can, if they are willing to express their relation to the world, the way they see and feel, in something that could be labeled as art.

Do you have any role models? If yes, which?

Adwehe: No.

What does the term art mean to you?

Adwehe: Art is not easy to express in words, although many words have been used to describe it. Maybe every form of art is a language in itself. So one way to describe art could be as a form of play defining and breaking out of its own rules where the rules can be anything.

Are there any topics that you are particularly interested in implementing?

Adwehe: Learn more about how to use mesh sculpture tools and sound design.

What is your strength?

Adwehe: Working with SL light, color, animation, sometimes improvisation.

What was the best advice you have ever received in SL?

Adwehe: Take your idea or idea’s and really stick to them as one singular passion, think big, dig into all aspects to realize that idea.

Your next projects, exhibitions. Where your art can be seen?

Adwehe: ‘Unfold’ by Adwehe and Serra Qendra

I was so very happy to been rewarded a half region art grant at Burn2’s The Great Unknown event this October. Serra Qendra an i have been working on a build titled ‘Unfold’. This place does not tell you where to look, and is much the reflection of a journey starting from sketchy ideas and openness. Rather then to reproduce and illustrate a concept or theory we allowed process and journey to guide us, let mistakes become focal points and respect the things for what they are. Some of the pieces are mistakes, some of them are unfinished. Deliberately unfinished, they represent ‘beginnings’. Although some things are aesthetically pleasing, it’s not meant to do that so very much. All this is, and what we are doing, is being in the moment with an open and playful mind. Maybe that could be an approach to explore a new land, or world. The great unknown, the world we are entering in every second as the clock ticks, and yes you will find your path. Make sure to have sound on to enjoy the Playa desert winds, the random lighting is interactive to play with.

The main event will be from 8 to 17 October. All art builds will remain on the Playa one week after the 17th.

On Wednesday 13 October we will perform a color dance with Les Chats Furieux.

At Janus Gallery I have a small space to do some light experiments.

On 26 October there will be an exhibition at my gallery at Campbell Coast Artists Village.

For upcoming December I am working on a project at La Maison dʼAneli

For February 2022 I am working on a project at Nitroglobus Gallery.

Adwehe Bio

“I have always fantasized really walking inside my RL drawings, like in a dream. SL is the perfect platform to realize this dream. I explore an ever changing drawing using lines, light and darkness, color and whatever I can find to express. Creating depth and perspective expanding the dimensions of the exposition room, mostly abstract and animating.

Experimenting with different art forms in Second Life including painting, light, sound and immersive installations. Still relatively new to Second Life’s vast possibilities, I just love to experiment searching for the mysterious randomness that can occur when working with what’s available in the prim world of second life.

Influences I love are light art and kinetic art, minimalism and color field painting. I mix textures from my traditional RL drawings, acrylic and oil paintings inside and outside of SL to achieve patterns, moods and motions.


L&L Factory – Inherent – Adwehe

Lucid Dreams @Vegetal Planet & Lundy Art Gallery and Museum

Lundy Art Gallery and Museum – Light Art Project – Adwehe

Exhibitions 2020 – 2021

  • April 2021, Janus Gallery II, Black Mirror Musings
  • March 2021, Love & Love Gallery, Inherent – Blog Info
  • Jan 2021, UASL Pyra – Panel animations experiment
  • Dec 2020, Maison D’Aneli – Dancing lines
  • Dec 2020, Lundy Art Gallery – Light Art experiment – Blog Info
  • Sept 2020, Vegetal Planet Gallery – Lucid Dreams
  • July / Sept 2020, Zack Herr Mann Universum – Color Fields.
  • May 2020, Burn 2 Between the stars – Sky star lights
  • Februari 2020, Maison D’Aneli – Dévouement – Blog Info
  • Januari 2020, Chelsea Hotel’s Gallery 23
  • Januari 2020, Maison D’Aneli – Untitled – Blog Info
  • October 2019, Burn 2 Metamorphoses – Introspection

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