Sansena by Celestial Demon

Celestial Demon first appeared in Second Life on January 11, 2012.

For Celestial, art is the voice of the soul, a way to feel less alone or to be better understood.

Through understanding and compassion, strong emotional intelligence as well as perception of his surroundings and circumstances or situation and in-depth conversations with his fellow human beings, he gives the feelings back in his works of art.

His work is his personal diary, with which he talks about himself and the feelings he receives in the world.

Often only through the sounds of music or through a special situation, he feels the inner desire to capture this moment and express it in one of his works.

He is one who never judges too quickly over the others.

Celestial is very aware that we are all complex beings and that each of us has our past, our struggle and our feelings, so he rater to listen to the voice of others in complete silence.

Celestial doesn’t necessarily see itself as an artist, yet believes that anyone can be an artist. For him “there is a drawing in every pencil”, it is just that knowing how to “move the pencil” is very important, and therefor are diverse and different ways of artistic expression.

Through his creative work, Celestial gets to know himself better, understands others better and gains deeper contact with others. For him, being creative is always a way to feel better.

Celestial fondly remembers the advice he once received in SL:

“As much as you think you are alone, you never will be.

Someone will also be there in silence. “

I personally,

got to know Celestial as a very friendly, but also reserved person. His SL profile revealed to me the poetic, advanced thinker and profoundly sensitive soul that hides inside.

His creative work awakens a feeling of floating, lifted a little dreamily from the earth up and with a view of the open horizon of the sky.

When I look at his photography I always think of the famous William Shakespeare quote from Hamlet:

“There are more things in heaven and on earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

Photo by Celestial Demon
Interview with Celestial Demon


Your life without art would be …

Celestial: Art is expression.
As a man he needs to use words to let himself be understood by his fellow men.
I think art is a way to help us be understood.
Feeling less alone.
However much the right words may be used, they are often misunderstood.
But art is not.
Art knows very well what to express.
Without art we are voiceless.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Celestial: You don’t need inspiration when you know what it feels like inside.
Talking with other souls, music, dreams, everything around us helps us to give the final shape.

What is your work about?

Celestial: My work is a personal diary.
I’m talking about myself, my emotions and how I perceive the world.
right or wrong that may be.

How is the artistic process like there? Do you see an object / person / landscape first and then the idea comes up? Or is it upside down?

Celestial: The image arises in my mind, often just listening to the music.
So many small factors create their own together.

Your mantra?

Celestial: Each of us has a past.
Everyone is fighting their own war.
Never rush to conclusions without understanding the people in front of you.

Currently, the best place for you in SL?

Celestial: I have explored many lands in 9 years.
But only a few have returned.
Only a few do I feel at home.
Green story, Memento Mori and Tempura.

A question that moves you right now …

Celestial: Honestly, I don’t know how to choose at the moment.

Photo by Celestial Demon

Is there a work of art in your life that particularly impressed you?

Celestial: The Pietà by Michelangelo Buonarroti, located in the Vatican.

What is art for you – now completely independent of the usual definitions?

Celestial: For me, art is the voice of the soul.
Our deep selves swimming on the surface and come to light.

Was there a key experience or has the artist profession always been your dearest wish?

Celestial: I don’t consider myself an artist.
I just started out of the blue.
Never having taken a picture before in my life.
Everything else came by itself, one wave after another.

What drives you?

Celestial: Getting to know myself more, so that I can never again misunderstand and know more deeply, in contact, the other close soul.

Do you feel understood with your art?

Celestial: I don’t know how to answer this.

Photo by Celestial Demon

Do you think that you can make a difference with your art?

Celestial: I don’t think there is a difference.
The difference is only if we help ourselves to feel better.

Do you think that everyone is an artist?

Celestial: Yes.
The soul has nothing to do with the figure we build in the life of ourselves.
In each pencil there is a drawing.
You just need to know how to move it.
Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.
A goldfish can’t ride a bicycle, that doesn’t mean it can’t do anything else.

Do you have any role models? If yes, which?

Celestial: Even the one who does nothing can be inspiring.

What does the term art mean to you?

Celestial: Listen to the voice of the other in full silence.

Are there any topics that you are particularly interested in implementing?

Celestial: At the moment the photography.

Photo by Celestial Demon

What is your strength?

Celestial: I have two beautiful horns.

What was the best advice you have ever received in SL?

Celestial: “As much as you may think you are alone, after all you will never be.
Someone will also be there in silence.”

Your next projects, exhibitions. Where your art can be seen?

Celestial: I don’t have at the moment.
My work can be seen only on my Flickr right now.

Photo by Celestial Demon
Celestial Demon Bio

“Born in SL 11/01/2012

I will let myself go in a few lines.
I don’t quite remember the cause or the reason that brought me into this illusory endless universe, but I know well why my presence is anchored here.

Free creation, unparalleled exploration and the few splendid people worthy of the name continue to give me the energy necessary to swim deep into this immense ocean, to grasp every shade of color and different points of view.
I thank them, for better or for worse, for everything I have received.

Joy made me strong.
Pain made me phoenix.
I admire the idea of this universe in itself, particularly offering my flame and my interiority to strangers with mere photographs.

I’m here at the bottom, to improve myself, knowing you.” – Celestial Demon – Flickr – E-Mail:

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