Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

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The DixMix Art Gallery, owned by DixMix Source, will open its doors from June 9th to Kimeu Korg, an artist I have been following for some time on Flickr, and I really appreciate it.

Korg speaks with images giving life to original compositions with an unmistakable style.
Surreality is undoubtedly an essential feature in his work, even if not the only one. In fact, he works with photography to make it similar to a painting, so that, observing his work, at first glance you might mistakenly believe that you were in front of a paint.

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®
Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

The plays of light are as crucial as the choice of colors and are helpful in conveying those positive emotions that are the energy and the heart of Kimeu Korg’s art.
If you look for this artist on Flickr, you will not find it, because his account has the name of Luz De Gas.

Surreality, joviality, pleasures of life, are the main characteristics of the images of this artist, explorer of virtual worlds and attentive observer of details to capture and immortalize in his artistic works.

A typical feature of his images is the attention to bright and well-defined colors. In fact, the level of contrast is always very high and well balanced with the overall brightness.
The feelings he conveys are positive, some of his images are an explicit reference to the “dolce vita,” an invitation to calm and enjoy every moment, moving away from the “race towards nothingness” typical of our society.

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®
Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

At the White Section at the DixMix Art Gallery set up in the sky, you can find two large exhibition floors dedicated to Kimeu Korg, an excellent starting point for getting to know this imaginative and original artist, to be also followed on Flickr.
Recently, on Facebook, Duna Gant has dedicated a photo album to some of her works created in collaboration with Korg.


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