Hello guys, I decided to take a walk around, exploring Tokyo, a beautiful urban style sim.

While I walk around, I would like to talk with you about the recent communication by Linden Lab about the limited availability of new second life regions.

What’s happened?

It has happened that Linden Lab is no longer able to sell new regions. We talk about the areas that usually premium members buy directly from Second Life.

Second Life can’t create new regions, since in these latest months, because of this emergency because of the coronavirus, Second Life has sold all its available areas, and it can’t create ones without the risk of compromising the stability of the grid.

This limited region’s availability will be resolve when the process of migrating from Linden Lab servers to a cloud hosting service will be completed. When this process completes, Second Life will able to offer almost an unlimited number of regions.

Since this migration is in progress but not completed, actually Linden Lab must rely on the skills of its existing servers.

So, when new regions are available again? Linden Lab can’t do a specific forecast about this. Still, it says that probably areas will be intermittently available as existing regions are returned to them by their current owners. Due to the economic impact of the public health crisis, some limited number of landholdings may be returned to the general inventory in the coming weeks. It means that there may be some regions available on-and-off, but it is more likely that regular region sales will not resume until Second Life’s migration to the cloud is complete. While LL doesn’t have an exact date at this time, it anticipates it will be early fall. 

So, what are your options if you are seeking land sooner? 

  1. Owning land on the Mainland: LL can offer abandoned Mainland directly for sale with a range of various parcel sizes from 512sqm per parcel to an entire full region (minus infrastructure).
  2. Consider renting from an existing landholder: There are plenty of rental options available from established Second Life landholders right now if you do not need an entire region. 
  3. You can also explore Land Auctions in Second Life: much like an auction on the popular auction-based shopping site eBay, Second Life Land Auctions allows individuals to place their bids on open inventory for available parcels across the virtual world.
  4. Some third-party sellers offer both parcels and full land rentals and sales. 

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