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DixMix Art Gallery, a beautiful art gallery built by Megan Prumier and curated by DixMix Source, is hosting 4 interesting artists at this time.
Over time, the DixMix Gallery has allowed many explorers of the Second Life® virtual environment to know marvelous passionate photo artists who love to share their work on Flickr.
Some excellent artists have been “discovered” through this sophisticated art gallery. Later they were invited to other exhibitions and appreciated in different cultural parlors.

Right at the entrance, you can admire the style of Lou Shadow.
The photographs of this artist are of high emotional impact, and I agree with the choice to host them at the entrance of the Gallery.
The protagonists of the scene are women of great sensuality and expressiveness. In some cases, the artist focuses on the face, in others also on the part of the body. The common element in his style is the addition of details that attribute the scene to his whole meaning. From a sad face and wrapped in a cobweb, to the voluptuous body and embellished with pearls, Lou Shadow gives the image a touch of communication through the animations and the addition of elements specifically designed for that photography. I believe that nothing is left to chance and that every aspect is carefully evaluated.
All photos are characterized by a blue /light blue color.


Going further, we meet the artistic world of Imani Nayar. Even in this case sensuality is the predominant theme. Style, however, is very different. I could define her style as a minimalist, with no particular coloring, light-dark games (black and white) and sketched shapes with, especially blurred or faded contours. On a white canvas, a woman’s detail is shaped by her sensuality and naturalness. In particular, naturalness is a fundamental element, both for avatars and exhibit simplicity (no feature added in the scene, essential as the dominant element).

Going up to the first floor, you will find the beautiful autumn photographs of Juris Bergmanis.
I appreciate and follow this artist for a long time on Flickr: his style is unmistakable, in the sense that I could quickly recognize his photography by looking at it among many. The reason is simple: the predominant colors are red and yellow, Juris embellishes the scenes by modifying the sky and making it unique, gives motion to the view through specific landscape animation techniques and in some cases blur the contours not essential for him. Also, I love his ability to make a photograph similar to painting, a feature that I had admired before him in Lam Erin and Sandi Benelli.

The DixMix Gallery is decorated with the works of Mistero Hifeng, a very communicative 3D artist. There are also meeting places for those who like to attend art circles and to confront opinions about the various exhibitions.

I always thought that the gallery is tastefully decorated and I have always appreciated the unmistakable style of separating the exhibitions by giving 3 galleries the names of 3 colors: gray, black and white.

In the gallery below you can explore the exhibition of Nath Baxton‘s works.
You can access it by going down the stairs on the left side of the White Gallery, where you can see the “Womb” sign.
Nath’s style is pop: he, in fact, modifies the photos captured in SL® to make them similar to pop art works. I think Nath is unique in this genre, I have not yet encountered good artists comparable to him.

To make sure that you visit every corner that the beautiful DixMix Gallery has to offer, here are the direct landmarks:

Grey Art Gallery with the exhibition of Lou Shadow

Black Art Gallery with the exhibition of Imani Nayar

White Art Gallery with the exhibition of Juris Bergmanis

“Womb” Entrance with the exhibition of Nath Baxton




WhereDixMix Art Gallery, owned by Megan Prumier and curated by DixMix Source

Artists: Lou Shadow, Imani Nayar, Juris Bergmanis and Nath Baxton.


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