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Events organized by Committee “2Lei” those are held every year to support the delicate issue of violence against women who are affected in her identity, status and, more importantly, soul, is started. It’s a regular event for me.

Even during this eighth edition, I have placed to the “2Lei” team some of my works, as a token of appreciation for their commitment and manifestation of “presence” alongside their “battle.”

The opening date choice of this eighth edition for the start of the events has a special meaning: on November 25, in fact, Mirabal sisters were killed. They were three Dominican women who held a protest movement against the regime of General Trujillo.

Some of the general intelligence agents killed the three Dominican women, mainly because of the broad consensus that they collected among the local population.

The theme that 2Lei wants to propose in this eighth edition is “respect” as an antidote to femicide. There are many definitions of femicide, the one I prefer is as follows:

“It is the murder of a woman because of women, in the cultural perspective in which misogyny seems legitimate, which seems a legitimate exercise of the power of man over woman goes so far to the extreme .”

Was born to describe a phenomenon (always existed) who now feels the need to break down. And you know that call  the demons with their name is the first step to rule them.

How does “respect” can help? Respect is acceptance, is understanding that differences cannot and should not scare you because they are the wealth of the world.

The woman scares some men with her grace, her innate kindness, her gentleness, her extraordinary endurance of physical pain, her ability to love beyond measure.

The woman was created to inspire the man to be “relief for the soul.” The man who understands the importance of the role played by women admires it and does not feel inferior to her. Instead, the man who feels threatened by the woman wants to annihilate her.

Speaking of respect, however, I would also say it is not essential only the respect of man toward woman, but perhaps even earlier, the woman for herself.
Too often the woman “being drawn into the lower part,” not wanting to be aggressive. In reality, the defense of themselves does not involve aggression; it is merely the expression of the respect that one must have to herself.

So, to get away from a man because he is (psychologically or physically) violent, it is the right choice to go, without guilt.
In fact, feelings of guilt arise from feeling inferior, poor understanding of their value, as Women.

Let’s support 2Lei together in this beautiful project dedicated to Women, participating in their events. Even Second Life® can be a powerful tool for change; everything depends on us.



WhereLEA8, owned by 2Lei – No violence

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