Majilis Al-Jinn, the Sands of Time still enchanted visitors

Second Life Destination: Majilis Al-Jinn

Region Description: You have found yourself on the magnificent Island Kingdom built by Master builder Calein Flux.
Although the sim is currently open to the public, and we encourage others to enjoy the beauty of Sands of Time, please be aware it is privately owned and may be closed from time to time for private events or when the large-scale building is in progress.
If you enjoy your stay, then please come again soon as more will be added soon. Be sure to pass any requests, comments, or inquires in the form of a notecard to the Estate Manager OEMA resident, she will be happy to help.

Owner: Atossa (herminetic)


Majilis al Jinn
Image by Stella Stern
Sands of Time - Majilis al Jinn 2
Image by Kat Feldragonne
Image by Nasu Kei
Image by Rob McRae
Image by Rob McRae
Image by Jamisson Burnstein
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