Hello guys,

I know, it’s not Friday, but today, the last day of this 2019, I would like to share with you The Cold Rose, the new rustic-chic location realized by Van Loopen and me.

We thought to the highly realistic location and, I confess, we worked a lot to give credibility to our homestead.

If you remember, in this video I talked about “How to Get Realism in Second Life” (if you missed it, I suggest to take a look).

The Cold Rose is an example of how to get realism to a location.

The homestead is entirely walkable, following the path that surrounds the various islands. You’ll find different ambients with a unique rustic-chic style.

The Cold Rose offers four exclusive houses to rent at a very competitive price. At least, for now.

Ok, no more words and let’s start our tour!

Teleport to The Cold Rose

The Cold Rose (Landing Point)

The Cold Rose on my Youtube Channel

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