This morning I opened my Flickr app and found a nice surprise in the theme of Second Life Art. Rig Torok had shared his photos of the Red Dot Gallery, which is currently hosting Janus Fall’s work.
I didn’t miss the opportunity to visit it and create my story about it today.
Janus Fall also has her own Flickr profile, which I’m sure you will appreciate: her working style with images, especially those of the last period, is complex and catches the eye immediately.
Today’s image is accompanied by a thought that inspired that specific creation. You will find it next to each image.
The artworks are for sale: if you click on each one, you get the price, and you can buy.

During your visit, I recommend that you stop and read the words that accompany Janus’ artwork. It was from reading them that I realized what thought went into the creation of each specific creation. Behind a face, there is a lot to say.
The two images on the ground floor deal with two themes of enormous importance: the impossibility for the vast majority of people to be heard on a global level and that natural condition of the soul, which is the calm we have lost along the way.
These themes are difficult to develop in a few lines. However, reading Janus’ words, I understand her thinking. The colorful images still convey positivity, although many of the themes addressed reflect the social failure we have come to expect. In Janus’ images, I see a sprout of hope for the future. Even his words are not catastrophic but reflective without pathos.

Janus is also the artistic curator of the Red Point gallery.
You will also find other artists and exhibitions open to the public, easily accessible through teleports.

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