16 December 2020 – 12 PM SLT

The Carbone Gallery presents, selected Art by

Norton Lykin and Milena Carbone

Piano concert by Tia Rungray

The Carbone Gallery Teleport

“Lux Aeterna presents a selection of minimalist artworks that plays on reflections, the surface of real, and light. The density of bright colors, but also muted, impose silence and concentration. Through the strange transparencies of the paintings, we can guess faces that seem to be watching us from the other side of the world.

For this nuanced exhibition, Milena Carbone has created an aerial, white and transparent environment that plays with the sky and ambient light. A text on our inability to perceive the greater part of the light of the universe leads to a reflection on a unique God who would have forgotten us, lost in the floods of lights which spring from the stars. At the same time, excerpts from Jorges Luis Borges’ short novel “The Immortals” engraved in marble ruins take us beyond the arrogant and absurd transhumanist fantasy of eternity‚Ķ and its deadly boredom. Like in the novel, architecture pieces are installed with no use and no sense.

Who is Noron Lykin?

Born in 1955, living in Aarhus Denmark, educated at Aarhus University in Drama (minor) and Aesthetic & Culture (major)
The First exhibition and workshop of virtual art was at Aarhus Art museum in 1986 than real life came in the way, and I took up art again after my retirement as a system programmer.

As you might sense in my art I am on a quest. The headline are “The ideas we have and the history we tell”. I question our ideas and understanding of the past and present my point being that reality is not a scientific truth but as we understand it in every given moment. In essence, we have the opportunity to change ideas and with that our perspective and understanding of the past and the present.

If this is true, we have the capacity to have another future, we are not per se destined to repeat the tour in the old carousel, we have a choice, and it seems to me that the difference is acceptance and love.

Pictures are best seen with Advanced Lightning model on !”

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