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Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery opened its doors once again to the art of Melusina Parkin. This time the exhibition of Melusina, exceptional minimalist artist in Second Life® virtual world, has as its primary theme “the mannequins”.
Just like in Real Life, we may encounter the mannequins in our journey of pixels and soul. You can see in clothing stores, in the same way, that you might meet in the real fashion environments. In SL® they are often used as a “base” for the creation of more complex artwork: forms created with specific software like Makehuman or Daz 3D (just to name two prominent examples) are imported and used as a starting point for creating a more complex art installation.
Melusina Parkin, for years now, photographer SL® in an impeccably way, serving to the observer her (personal) perspective.
Melusina’s style is minimalist: as a photographer, she does not like to enrich with details because she prefers to enhance the particular.
The Melusina mannequins are photographed, above all, from the torso upwards. The light settings are an essential part of her way to “see” the details that she loves to photograph. These parameters, in fact, vary with changing shapes and colors of the principal object.
These inanimate forms (“the mannequins”) are the expression of a world of static, a set of “human figures” (in their appearance) that furnish the SL® environments such as shops, art galleries, etc.
For most of the people are a “frame” a nice aspect “to look at in passing.”
Melusina photographer passionately them yet, making them, for once, the protagonists of the scene.
Who are the mannequins? What do they represent?
They are a background in the main scene, made of beautiful and well-dressed super-avatar.
(Passive) items that look soulless the (real) characters, ambitious and vain avatars.
Looking at the exhibition of Melina entitled “Mysteries” yet, one could say the exact opposite. In the artist’s images I don’t see inanimate subjects, but vivid characters. I interpret the title of the exhibition, “Mysteries,” in this way:

It is a mystery like simple mannequins, can be so expressive in the photographs of Melusina Parkin although they are, in practice, inanimate objects.

The meaning of the title is different for Melusina, the author sees in the mannequins the mystery, inquiring about what they could say when no one observes them.

Personally, I see more expressiveness in Melusina Parkin mannequins that in some photographs of Fashion Bloggers.
The expressiveness research is an essential path for any photographer worth noting, both in the virtual and in the real one.
Some will reply that the search of expressiveness in the virtual is difficult: the difficulty is safe, but the fact that there are photographers who chase and occur it as well should make any photographer want to reach that level of communication.
Congratulations, therefore, to Melusina Parkin, to have achieved a great communicative while having as subjects of mannequins.
The exhibition of Melusina has been set for October and November at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery.



Where: Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, owned by Dido Haas

Title: “Mysteries”

Artist: Melusina Parkin

Other Artists in the Gallery: Nitro Fireguard (passed away) and Igor Ballyhoo


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