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The artistic installation created by Aloisio Congrejo entitled “Not Alone” is one of those that create a good mood. The artist has set up his work in the region owned by Foundation for Life, an association established with the aim of raising funds to fight the difficult battle against cancer.
For years now, I have been following the workshop organized by the Foundation for Life, and I must say that it is a very active association, with a high number of people collaborating in it. In particular, they help with the organization of events and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
What I find most interesting, is the spirit of friendship that binds the people who are part of it: over the years those who collaborate in the association and ensure its success are always the same with the usual spirit of brotherhood and collaboration.
The installation of Alosio Congrejo, as I anticipated, puts a good mood on it and in fact I had a lot of fun shooting a video at his exhibition space last night.
Lights, colors, and movement inspired me in the set design, in the choice of dances (Shakira style) and in the light effects that I usually add to my videos.
Also, I liked the effect of the red circles on the moving avatar uniquely, so I accentuated those passages that highlighted it.
At the entrance of the installation, you can take for free a complete avatar created in a stylized way and in tune with the effect of the red dots on the move.
You can also take a biography of the artist Aloisio Congreio who illustrates how he has developed, over the years, his passion for art in the virtual world of Second Life®.
These are some of his words of presentation:

My passion for art has been part of my virtual life from the start, and in RL began many years ago.
As an artistic ‘consumer’ there have been many artists both great and lesser known that I have followed and admired, but what is most important to me is to see the work of anyone who can craft various media in such a way as to express their feelings.
In Second life I began using art to express feelings and thoughts only as a way of playing, trying out things that were new to me, but with simplicity and entirely for my own enjoyment.

Finally, here is my video that I shot with pleasure and fun.



“Not Alone” by Aloisio Congrejo


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